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How Kenyans Remains United until Politics Do Them Part!

How Kenyans Remains United until Politics Do Them Part!.

I like it that I was born in Kenya, taught to be a patriot and urged to love everyone who comes in my way. In fact, the journey through all the pillars of love was not easy. My mum beat me up, teachers had a quality time on my butt, and lastly the society was so harsh on anyone who went contrary to what it expected from their youngsters. That way, I was given a pass into the world that knows no one. What I Came To Learn What I never knew was that almost everyone was passing through the same….


Differences Apart For Kenya’s Prosperity

Most of us are determined to succeed no matter what situations we are going through. This is a good spirit for new Kenya, new administration and a jubilee year for our country.

Happiest moments in Kenya’s history- the Independence Day and the second liberation that marked the end of Nyanyoism- tells us more of our closeness: working together for a common goal or just hanging around and chanting the way forward for our sovereign country.

Unity has transformed us into mutual intercommunity coexistence that has so far played a mighty role in national building. No community can prosper on it’s on, we are Kenyans for a reason, and that is what makes us mighty in international world.

If our leaders who divided us politically have started working together, who are we to stay rooted at tribal line? Politics is here to stay, but we as voters are privileged with one thing, we are always winners no matter the outcome of an election. Though, one group emerges sad and another party in celebrations.

Hustlers have a saying: Leadership is there to create an opportunity, but a hustler must keep trying to have that opportunity. We live in a diverse society that is enriched with opportunities. We cannot expect the sitting administration to provide assistance to everyone, but it helps one to see an opportunity that could elevate one’s life.

Boycotting services from people from a certain community will derail our course of national building. Those calling for this action are not thinking straight. Could this be implemented in our current economy, we are bound to see negative impact that would be too late to rectify in time.

We should not shy away from thinking of our country’s future. Life is all about leaving a legacy! What have you invented, created, or built that reflects your positive attitude to the society you’re living in? Do you spread an olive-branch for everyone or just for some selected few? People’s unity is what brings change or else elite minority will always take charge of our country.


Peace In Kenya’s Political Campagns

p.kOver the past few weeks, we have been experiencing smooth flow of campaigns in the country. None of the presidential aspirants has reported of hostility in rival regions. I call this, the best approach for unity and peace in fragile-state our country is by now.

I take this precious opportunity to appreciate Kenyans for being such peace-loving people, and I hope if this continues for the remaining weeks, the country will sure have peaceful transition in governance and acceptance of the outcome after March 4 general election.

“Kenya is bigger than each and everyone of us..” These were words of a presidential aspirant, running on Eagle Coalition ticket, Peter Kenneth during Kenya’s first presidential debate. Every Kenyan has a right to expression, however, Kenya as a country comes first! If one does not agree with someone else, then it is better that such disagreements be solved in other means possible other than hurting each other.

By now, presidential candidates have a right to meet Kenyans all over the country. Tribal issues have been there and will always be a stumbling stone in political stands -especial presidential affiliations. I would like to urge people to listen more and make wise decisions instead of being so inclined to ethnicity and make a choice that would cripple the country’s economy and international relations.

Another issue that is dividing Kenyans is the ICC cases that Jubilee Alliance presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate, William Ruto are facing. Yesterday, the Kenyan High Court ruled out that it has no jurisdiction to block the two from running for presidency yet they are facing cases of crimes against humanity at the Hague. The lobby groups that filed the case are planning for an appeal in Supreme Court, which I predict would be the same as High Court ruling.

According to Uhuru, the ICC case is just a personal problem that he is facing, and he is ready to fully cooperate with ICC until his name is cleared. We should respect his bid! In my view, he has all it takes to be the president of Kenya, just like any other candidate. As you already know, ICC has no strong case to pin him down, and my mind tells me that he is going to be free soon -another sacrifice for the sake of peace in Kenya. ICC is not stupid!

I love Kenya, I love Peace….

I Hate Evil!

Kenyan Needs:A Fairy-tale Kind Of Life

Dressed up Maasai warriors
Kenya:  Maasai warriors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I lack a single word to define ‘Needs of a Kenyan‘. Imagine a situation where you are trying to bring together a group of people that seems so organized, of course you would not have much headache. Then out of nowhere, a tiny unfortunate event occurs and -once united group- is divided along hardcore greed, unshakable standings, and unreasonable hard-linings. What would you do to bring peace and harmony in such like group?

Understanding  them in different situations is easy, but dealing with them in such situations is like an obstacle that cannot be moved.  At particular time, Kenyans are so united and talking on one voice. Give them another minute and you will be surprised how divided they can be,  to an extend of cursing or doing evil to one another.

I believe that Kenyans are united in fighting closed-door evils in public offices. Social media has been their best choice for voicing their grievances and it had worked well. The President has done a great job, listening for the voice of the majority and has so far done us proud  by rejecting controversial bills that could have seen  greedy leaders looting from hard working Kenyans.

On reading people’s voices on Twitter and Facebook about insecurity in Kenya, I was impressed by their unity. A true spirit of ‘Kenyanism’ that we lack when handling important matters concerning Kenya as a country.

Another situation that do bring Kenyans together is a call for humanitarian assistance. Never have I seen Luhyas, Luos, Kambas, Kikuyus, Maasais, Nandis and other tribes taking part, have you? My opinion is ethnic tribes do not exist, but people do. The fact is, people have chosen fairy-tale kind of life over actual human life, forgetting that one lifestyle has a future and another is doomed to mislead but is short lived.

Politics has been in fore front in dividing Kenyans, the main reason why it is not easy to understand what a Kenyan want. This is the area that has drawn boundaries: put Kenyans into regional bundles and sealed their reasoning power-bargain for freedom.

It is not a surprise, bad leaders will have their way as good ones rest for their say in this coming general election (March 4th), because of regionally favored parties. For some, they would rather vote for a corrupt person for public office other than to elect a good leader running on a regionally despised political party. How unfortunate for a seemingly united Kenya?

I just wonder, what is this thing that Kenyans truly want?

Change We Need, Through Diplomacy

It is insane, beyond my understanding as to why some people do not see the meaning of life. Kenya has been a good country, with men, women and children who had one goal; that is peace. How did this dream change?

For years, the struggle has been on and off. People were optimistic about change they wanted so badly, but it became clear that nothing changes that easily. 

The optimum of this endless struggle reached peak point that no one had envisioned about. That is when it got out of hand resulting in mess we are now facing -lack of understanding, lawlessness, brutal killings and every kind of evil in our society.

However, we do have a more friendlier way to outsmart evil. In Kenya, we are fortunate to have so many literate people. Literacy is the only way for prosperous future, it conquers everything that is drawing us back -divisive politics, ethnicity, corruption etc. 

Sometimes I wonder how people reason out on matters related to security and national stability. I have my reasons for believing that we can make it through diplomacy no matter how worse the situation is. I advocate for peace and I stand for diplomacy in areas being affected by pre-election violence. 

The Shadows of Politics in Kenya

sux when religion gets into politics
sux when religion gets into politics (Photo credit: cesarharada.com)

As I sit back and watch the titans battle for top seats in government. I can’t help but wonder why they are so daring, no remorse as if the past don’t matter. The question is, do they care for the people they want to represent?

It is evident that, the country has not fully recovered from 2007 horror scenes. However, our dear leaders have forgotten that, in fact they moved on and opened another page in their political career, expecting us -the affected- to follow suit without questions.

These people have never been there for Kenya, the country they want to lead don’t know them either. In fragile peace like one we are leading, I expected them to talk of unity, peace and harmony among Kenyans. So bad that only words like ‘I will.., they can’t.., vote out old generation.., elect digital.., shun analogue… etc‘ are being fired from one group to another.

It seems greed has blinded our political aspirants that they can not see the reality. For a reminder, we still have displaced persons in camps. The government’s move to resettle them was marred by politics, and by now they still wait in vain as promises and challenges are exchanged over them by political elites.This is insane! Politicizing everything good that could help common Kenyans emerge from their predicaments.

I only hope for a day Kenyans will say ‘NO!’ to this kind of treatment and retaliate by voting them out. There is need for new people, and people have a voice. Only by shunning ethnicity and employing people in terms of integrity that we shall win. Otherwise, we are bound in this dirty game forever.

I hate Evil!

Uhuru in the Spotlight

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru KenyattaAs a side watcher, I have been following Jubilee alliance rankles very closely -even though in hushed tone. First, I wish to congratulate Mr. Kenyatta for helping Kenyans know who Mr. Mudavadi is, however, I have to note that something emerged that I will point out later.

I believe in myths, those simple matters that draws people’s attention and leave the public in dismay. That is my choice -my favorite base to explore the nook and crony of a scene.

I have to admit that I like Uhuru for his generous heart, for being ready to relinquish power in favor of Mr. Mudavadi. Though he denied, his right-wing, Hon. Ruto hinted of such agreement on a live T.v show.
If two people say almost or similar subject matter, then I have my conclusions. Mostly true! But a politician is always an escapist, its hard to pin one in a tight corner.

By now, I have a thing that is forcing me a agree with my mind that Mr Kenyatta is running his own race. Damn! I think that is a lie. If you care so much about political speeches and people behind them, then you have already discovered what his dream is. Uhuru is the son of his father -Mzee Jomo.  Jomo left a legacy that his son wants to build his leadership base on. That is the reason it is rare, if any, for him to complete his long speech without his favorite words ‘kama vile baba yangu…’ (just like my father..)

This is my stand on Uhuru’s political career.

He wants to be a good leader, to make a country grow economically just like the time of his father. He indents to leave a legacy -praises for being a good leader. He wants a happy Kenya just like the days of his father. Bring unity in every corner of the republic etc. In other words, he wants a common good for Kenya. Nevertheless, he is facing charges in an international criminal court. This is how M. Mudavadi came in!

The night meeting occurred, for sure it did! Just don’t ask me how I knew it.  Musalia was the only exit route for Uhuru, and I think he planned this very well without anyone’s consent -not even his close allies. The deal they signed was genuine -no ghosts was involved or whatever evil power he jumped to when he came under fire from the party delegates-, and that agreement made him exhale burdens of being hopeful flag-bearer for Jubilee alliance to someone expendable.

Why he did this!

This Kenyan guy is so calculating that he could see the future of Kenya with him as a president. First, do you remember what ‘ghosts’ told him? If not, let me remind you. He said that people in high places forced him to step down for Musalia because if he does become the president, the country will face international trade sanctions, he will face international travel ban, and the whole national will suffer in his hand. That is too much for him. His father’s legacy will be ruined and he do not want that to happen.

As a good man, he likes listening to the voice of the majority. The party delegates ruined his plans, and now he is going the hard way. Who knows what he will do in future to make sure he does not emerge the winner?

I rest. But a question is, what if he becomes the president after March general election? And in a blink of fate, he faces his worst fear, what would he do to save the country from draining into another Zimbabwe?