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Her Answered Prayer

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English: Maker Faire Africa in Nairobi-Nairobi Hill,Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She raised her weakly hands towards the sky and said, “Thanks to the living God for directing this person to me, for today I would have something to eat in my house.”

It was a message that I received from a beggar while walking on the streets of Nairobi today.  You can think I gave her lots of money, no! It was just a Ksh20 coin.

Things are becoming tough. With the prices of food-stuffs and other essential items sky rocketing, I understood why she loudly praised the Lord who drove me to her.

Where is Kenya’s Economy heading to? Unhappy people are trying their level best to stay and wait for the country’s economy to start growing by double digits as promised by the president and his deputy, even though with little to hopes that this dream will ever come to pass.

With the wage bill too high and civil servants going on strike very often,demanding for a pay rise, the future of the nation is unknown- unpredictable. As time goes, the more the pain for the common mwananchi.



Kenyans Disapprove Government Games, Time to be Productive.

In real life, when the honeymoon is over, couples should start thinking of how they intend to unite the extended family, putting in mind that they (newly weds) too need to have something productive for themselves and those who depends on them.

Though in some families like ours, extended family members comes in with demands – in others times trying to remind the newly weds that fun time is over- even before reaching the climax.

Well, the above introduction is just a mere subject in reference to Kenya’s politics and leadership. Now that we have a new president in office, I think we have given them enough time to celebrate their win. Kenyans have been patiently waiting for them to implement what they promised in their memorandum, but is seems our new leaders are still in honeymoon hangover.

Who is fooling who?

Being in office for about 3 months ,plus some countable days, president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William S. Ruto have made several trips both inside and outside the continent


in what Kenyans only understand as ‘Business Trips’ but nothing significant has come by.

So far, a good physical dent has been made in tax-payers’ patched up pocket, but still no one in high table is bold enough to say the truth about it. Whatever how quiet they may be, Kenyans can see that these were those moments of celebrating their presidential win… as Kenyans could say, “honeymoon pap!” or another common one, “Kujienjoy nayo!”

Time to Act:

Finally, responsibilities for

the extended family have started mounting up. Having inherited

an empire, it doesn’t matter how rich or poor it may be. The first and very important priority is to try and fulfill the promises passed by your predecessors. In this case, the Jubilee govern
ment should try to negotiate through previous deals that former regimes made with civil servants instead of brushing them aside. In fact, trying to force striking workers back to work makes the situation even worse.

Striking civil servants should be guided not threatened. Teachers for instance do not belong on the streets; they belong to that special place designed for those who want to be the leaders of tomorrow. In my simple but accurate guess, even those threatening our teachers have been classroom guests once in their lifetime.

Does it seem so amusing to see children crying because they are not being taught? Oh, the secretary to the ministry of labor has already forgotten why some children committed suicide after failing to attain their targeted mark.

A promise is a debt -and always will be unless it is modified further. In my understanding, the government is acting as if it does not recognize former Kenyan leadership and the effort they made to restore normalcy in public sector.

Unwise spending:

The issue of spending Ksh53 billion on laptops for standard one pupils in public primary schools will always raise a question, why? Right now, we have teachers who have downed their tools, youth unemployment issue that is hindering national economic growth, agricultural sector that needs fully government participation to escape food insecurity and much more important initiatives that lies unexploited.

Another thing that is angering the public is building an office for the immediate former president which will cost taxpayers Ksh700 million hard cash. Whatever the case, this should come as the last priority, that amount of money could employ a good number of youths even in temporary basis. What about that?

Furthermore, why did the government use Ksh40 million to deport a suspected Nigerian drug dealer, Anthony Chinedu?  What a treat for the convict? Damn! I hate this. This money should have been used for irrigation somewhere in arid areas to boost the country’s food production.

So sad that I don’t know how much amount of money has been set aside for renovations of government offices. Oh yes! Even the new ones are on the list too. By the way, Jubilee government did not mention these during their campaign.


For a happy nation, mitoto yangu story should lead us into doing something productive for the communities living in regions prone to natural disasters. Though we are being urged to support the president, I think he has a duty to show good leadership skills before following suit, lest we drown in his nyayo.

Lastly, to all my people –Kenyans, I urge you to respect the president and shape his will for you and for me and for the entire generations.

I love Kenya I hate evil!

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Big Wins and Loses Of Jubilee Government

Even those who hate the government can see some changes that are happening; touching on sensitive issues all over Kenya. Some people can not feel it, or just refuse to accept the fact that the nation is running somehow smoother than the previous Grand Coalition Government led by the retired president Mwai Kibaki and former Prime Minister Raila A. Odinga.

I was among those who wanted Hon. Raila to take it from there. As we all know, fate did not account for our efforts, instead it favored the current president Uhuru Kenyatta. The fact remains, whether you like him or not, the constitution of Kenya requires us to recognize the sitting president and be ready to assist him in running the state.

Now, let us forget about politics, tribalism and negativity towards our president and be realistic on some issues that he has already accomplished.

Shaping Crooked National Security:

Even though there have been some cases of organized crimes in some parts of the country: Bungoma villages’ raids, Tana River tribal cleansing, Turkana cattle rattling etc. We should focus on the police response and investigations that were carried out to quell the situations. To me, it was impressive and I applaud the president for taking security issues more seriously.

I remember on his inauguration day, that same evening, police descended on criminals in my residential place arresting almost all known criminals in the area. I don’t know how you see about this, but I believe Mr. Kenyatta is better than any presidents we have had so far.

Talking Tough and Doing Stuff:

Personally, I like how the government is being run. I appreciate that for the first time in Kenya, we have a leader who is directly showing and caring for the masses (common mwananchi). In several occasions in his speeches, he has been categorical in standing for the needs of his people. Remember how he stood against Members of the Parliament in their push for salary increment?

Cleaning Up Mess:

Recently, he steamed up the campaign to eradicate ‘fishy businesses’ in the country. Even in the crass-root level, those who engage in buying and selling illegal substances are not being spared. This is the first time we are seeing quick investigation and deportation of suspected drug traffickers from Kenya. Good move to salvage the country from shame of being ‘safe heaven for drug traffickers’- according to International Community.

Wherever the president’s big gun has been directed, the results have emerged positive for the good of his country and the people under his leadership. However, his negative sides could not be hidden forever. Let’s look at some of them!

Poking on Raila:

As a leader and a statesman, it is so unwise to deny your opponents some rights and privileges. I wonder why he did this. To the president who is supposed to unite all other tribes who did not vote him in, that is fail!

Laptops issue:

Even though this was his greatest pledge in his presidential campaign, I think he should have considered something else that could uplift people’s lives instead of going to an expensive project in expense of tax-payer’s pocket. 

Peace In Kenya’s Political Campagns

p.kOver the past few weeks, we have been experiencing smooth flow of campaigns in the country. None of the presidential aspirants has reported of hostility in rival regions. I call this, the best approach for unity and peace in fragile-state our country is by now.

I take this precious opportunity to appreciate Kenyans for being such peace-loving people, and I hope if this continues for the remaining weeks, the country will sure have peaceful transition in governance and acceptance of the outcome after March 4 general election.

“Kenya is bigger than each and everyone of us..” These were words of a presidential aspirant, running on Eagle Coalition ticket, Peter Kenneth during Kenya’s first presidential debate. Every Kenyan has a right to expression, however, Kenya as a country comes first! If one does not agree with someone else, then it is better that such disagreements be solved in other means possible other than hurting each other.

By now, presidential candidates have a right to meet Kenyans all over the country. Tribal issues have been there and will always be a stumbling stone in political stands -especial presidential affiliations. I would like to urge people to listen more and make wise decisions instead of being so inclined to ethnicity and make a choice that would cripple the country’s economy and international relations.

Another issue that is dividing Kenyans is the ICC cases that Jubilee Alliance presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate, William Ruto are facing. Yesterday, the Kenyan High Court ruled out that it has no jurisdiction to block the two from running for presidency yet they are facing cases of crimes against humanity at the Hague. The lobby groups that filed the case are planning for an appeal in Supreme Court, which I predict would be the same as High Court ruling.

According to Uhuru, the ICC case is just a personal problem that he is facing, and he is ready to fully cooperate with ICC until his name is cleared. We should respect his bid! In my view, he has all it takes to be the president of Kenya, just like any other candidate. As you already know, ICC has no strong case to pin him down, and my mind tells me that he is going to be free soon -another sacrifice for the sake of peace in Kenya. ICC is not stupid!

I love Kenya, I love Peace….

I Hate Evil!