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How Corruption Was Introduced In Kenya

How a little of something (Corruption) spread
How a little of something (Corruption) was spread

Tribalism was introduced in Kenya during the second reign to manipulate the public and help the minority to remain in power –divide and rule. This practice was invented by high-ranking officials who did not want Kenyans to have one voice. They did it for power, without knowledge of the consequences thereafter.

Tribal hatred was cultivated and nurtured through unequal distribution of national resources and ethnic politics. As a result, the voice of the mighty crowd -Kenyans- was reduced to  a few courageous Kenyans who held on their stand for freedom of speech and expression.

The birth of multiparty gave light to a new beginning. With majority of people seeming so united, the government felt a pinch and formulated a new measure to counter the multiparty wave. Through Harambees, the government initiated fund-raising projects targeting only regions likely to fall into the trap. Close allies benefited much in this scheme, but rivalry among communities intensified. Marginalized regions carried the burden, with some bowing before the leaders for help.

Tough as it was, scramble for left-overs was, and still is going on with majority sweating for nothing. It became clear that struggling is the best way to survive, something which give rise to public looting and stashing public resources in foreign countries.

Corruption in public and private sector is just the effect of scramble for limited public resources. With no credible measures being taken to combat this evil-malpractice-, Kenyans have no choice but to hope for better leadership. The worst is, people vying for public posts have been involved or in one time mentioned in multimillion scums in the country.

The future for Kenya remains in darkness, recycling of corrupt leaders is like destiny. They have money to draw the crowd, they have a voice to promise heavens on Earth, they have power to use crass-root forces for their own benefits, and they have people who love them even though they are dirty. This is the reality, the reason Kenya’s fight of corruption will never be won in near future.

The easiest way to end these two vices: Corruption and Tribalism is to start from the root cause, which is, proper distribution of national resources. This could lead us to tackle to tribalism and then corruption will fade away they way it came in our society. Unfortunately, we have people in power who feels otherwise. They have an umbrella (tribal affiliation) to hide their evil practices.


Just a Note Kenya: Don’t Forget The Beast

Last two weeks we experienced blotted blood baths that almost crippled social and mutual interaction between affected communities. It almost escalated into unnecessary unrest in the country. Can this be an early warning for another dark hour in the country? Let us see!

Still we live in fear for post election violence this coming general election. Even though the President has always been in fore front in preaching peace and stability in Kenya, a few people can believe there could be enough security to guard the evil from repeating itself, tension in inter community relations is still static, and we can not rule out the possibility that criminals can take that advantage to maim, harass, rob, and kill innocent peace loving people.

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Unless the game changes, we are being led into that trap by our political affiliations. The very evident practice that closely inclined to whatever happened before 2007 election is being repeated this year: regional political strongholds, preaching regional collaborations, party ditching and joining regionally affiliated parties etc. I would exempt those politicians eying for governor’s post and that of the constituency’s, however, as for presidential seat, we need a leader -someone who has Kenya at heart- not a regional president.

Our fear for change, fear of unknown, fear for what we think might happen if so and so is elected as president are thinks that has always taken us back instead of moving forward economically.

We fought amongst each other, violently attacked one others for no reason, or is there one? At the end, we went about 15 years back! Most people in middle and poor class are still straggling to put behind what happened years back, and still more to come if we do not learn from our mistake.

Believe me not, we can make a difference. We can change this system -partisan politics- and create fear in those who thinks they can manipulate our ignorance for their own advantage. Nevertheless, this can only happen if we bury tribalism and refuse to take a bait our politicians are trying to allure us with.

I wish we can send all of them home by choosing new leaders. You wish is your command!

I hate Evil!

Stability in Kenya- Prophecy In Words of Our Natinal Anthem

Great that we still have a functioning government, we have almost everything under our control. This is so special because we can use limited resources we have to rejuvenate national stability we enjoyed before.

Violence, riots and insecurity have fallen in our country for a reason we never know about. Maybe you and I remember when Kenyan troops invaded Somalia to end the reign of insurgents -alShabaab, the spokes man said his people would wage war within the country, make Nairobi chaotic and cause peace instability. Do you believe the insurgents are winning the battle against Kenya? Well, you might say ‘yes!’, but that is a wrong answer. We are to blame for everything that is happening here, and we have a solution for our problems. 

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Nowadays our dimming happiness is driving the country into an abyss. We have made our minds to focus on non important things, in that we value ethnicity so much to see the reality for the  good of our country. 

For the country enjoying her young democracy, we must be careful how we use it, everything good has its bitter side, and misuse of political power could lead into a permanent damage that we should try to avoid at all cost.

We do not want Kenya to be a minisomalia, but we are not immune from becoming one. It all started by tribalism, as every tribe wanted leadership, then political assassinations that later turned into warlord-ism. They have payed a price for it and our intervention is bearing fruits in this war ravaged country. 

Its is time, not tomorrow, not a day later! That we find a true meaning of a song we know off head, the national anthem. As you say this poem, take a time to think of its words, you will realize the prophecy behind each verse, and it is only you and I who can stop the madness of tribalism, ethnicity and all evil that hound us.

I hate evil!