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Are You Enjoying Your Freedom?

Life is at stake! That is the only explanation of the situation that surrounds a common citizen like me and others who likes being in the crowd, especially during prayers, festivities and recreational activities.

Being vigilant to your surrounding is one thing, but living in fear is another thing that a free citizen should not have to go through while one is out there. But do we have a choice here? I doubt that we can do anything about it.

With terrorists on rampage, the world has thinned to one on his or her own and nothing like trusting a stranger or having an untrustworthy friend. This is because, you never know who is your real enemy until the person turn against your.

What happened to communal policing? I hope we should try this if we haven’t attempted yet.


What Really Happened In Westgate Shopping Mall!

Westgate Shopping Mall
Westgate Shopping Mall (Photo credit: Eunheui)

I have spend some time thinking about Westgate Shopping Mall terrorism attack. I don’t know how it happened, but some clues leads to something even bigger than what we saw and heard in media.

The big question is, was it real terrorism or was it something else? A point to note here is how our men in uniform responded for that call. Even though the whole public believes in what they saw, some events during the four day siege went contrary to what was expected from our security forces.

Preventable Yet It Happened:

During that dark moments in our country, it emerged that the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) team knew exactly what was going to happen to the Mall, but they did nothing to safeguard the Shopping Complex against terrorism Attack. Why? This only leaves big guesses. Only the NSIS personnel can give us a good reason. And if they fail to, then we are have to think outside the box of the whole incident.

The Conspiracy Theory:

Questions after questions were asked, but unfortunately, no government official has come out to give answers to the general public. Most of us needed to know the truth so badly, yet Siri Kali (Big Secret) played its game well and up to now no one -except a few individuals – knows what was happening in the death Mall.

What Really Happened?

Lets say a few powerful hands wanted to extra a classified document in Westgate Shopping Mall, preferably a sensitive document that could have incriminated some powerful people in the government. The main target was the Barclay Bank where the document was hidden. But they could not just walk in and ask for it behind the owners knowledge. That is why they chose to cause terror in orders to have time to extract the documents or to destroy the thing if they had no other choice.

To be Continued…..

Kenya In Obama’s Point Of View

In our life, no one is perfect. We try so hard to maintain our clean side of our dirty nature even though with struggles and hardships.

I have to agree that Kenya is dirty, but there are other things that the East African country is doing for the benefit of the international community.

For example, Kenya has been in the forefront in fight against terrorism. This is one perfect reason why it allowed Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) armed incursion in Somalia that  led to peaceful coexistence in Somalia Southern city Kismayu and other regions.

Kenya has also been actively committed is hosting two of the world’s biggest refugee camps for Somalia, Sudan, and Ethiopia refugees. And it was here that Southern Sudan got it pre-independence from Sudan.

Kenya Under US Microscope:

The unfortunate decision by US President Barrack Obama to skip Kenya in his visit to Africa signifies something negatively huge between Kenya and the US.

In African point of view, disowning your father -because he is dirty- is a serious sin and always carries a curse. A good example being a former MP’s son who disowned his look-a-like father in public, later rejected by the voters in last general election.

It is very open that Obama skipped Kenya because he didn’t want to get associated with a ‘dirty’  East African country. The recently leaked NSA intelligence documents indicated that Kenya was among the intensively watched countries, the likes of Somalia and Syria. The question is why?

Every nation has its own weaknesses. Democratically, Kenya is very far from the targeted virtual point. And yes! The country is trying to reach there, continue being the peace hub of Africa. Kenya deserves respect for that!

High expectations turned sour:

How Kenyans appreciated a message that the US president relayed to the people just before March election! It was one of the best positive messages that the majority took in without questions… A nice one from the big brother.

What changed then? Everything changed when President Uhuru Kenyatta was elected in office in previous highly contested general election. Of course, Mr. Odinga was the favorite for the West, and this did not go well with the high office in the US -Unforgivable to the people of Kenya.

How US rate Kenya:

We have a saying that goes “Don’t hate the kid for what it says, see beyond its words.” So when an American Magazine rated Kenya as one of the most UNSTABLE countries, we should look beyond that, and who do we see saying these words?

If Barrack Obama loves Kenya dearly as they say he does, then why hate the innocent majority?  Oops! A tale of disowning the dirty father.

Insecurity in Kenya- The Tale of a Wild Thorny Shrub


Once peace was our bride, we used to say ‘A peaceful house surrounded by wild thorny bushes’. It seems that we forgot to uproot shrubs that extended excessively onto the door closing us in for good. Now that we have realized the menace that we are already so deeply into, I hope we have to rethink our strategies in dealing with these thorny shrubs.


It is not good to keep waiting for a situation to get out of hand before we take the initiative, we should strike when the iron is still hot! No violence can create peace, stone throwing and other forms of riots only causes more problems than that much needed solution. The most important thing is to have a lasting solution for insecurity. How? Well, we know how it all started, and we have to remember what went wrong – Post Election Violence (PEV) in 2007-2008. This was the first time citizens in Kenya disobeyed a direct order, disrespected the law enforcement government forces as a resulted violence claimed over 1000 people. Image


This kind of disobedience has a lifetime negative impact on peace loving Kenyans. Even though we may blame criminal elements among the people as the cause of insecurity, lack of fear to the police force is the main reason people infringe the laws resulting in crimes. Some says that the government is reluctant to enforce law and order within the country, others say that poorly payed police force is not effective enough in dealing with crimes. The bottom line is misbehaving Kenyans are becoming difficult to be dealt with!


Oh, do you really think foreigners -Somalia insurgents al-Shabaab- are behind insecurity in Kenya? They might, but we must remember the infamous thorny shrubs. Our porous borderline, corrupt law enforcement forces, corruption in high ranking offices made everything possible for small arms to penetrate into the country. If security measures were put in place, non of this would could happen. I hate evil!