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How Kenyans Remains United until Politics Do Them Part!

How Kenyans Remains United until Politics Do Them Part!.

I like it that I was born in Kenya, taught to be a patriot and urged to love everyone who comes in my way. In fact, the journey through all the pillars of love was not easy. My mum beat me up, teachers had a quality time on my butt, and lastly the society was so harsh on anyone who went contrary to what it expected from their youngsters. That way, I was given a pass into the world that knows no one. What I Came To Learn What I never knew was that almost everyone was passing through the same….


An Unhappy Kenyan

Being a citizen of a given nation is a privilege. It gives one a sense of belonging and protection from both internal and external aggression.

I am a Kenyan and I love my country. Though we have our own ups and downs in politics and misunderstandings in ethnic lines, we always come together as one when faced with a common threat.

One thing I worry is politics. Politics is the source of every evil in Kenya. The leaders, as we call them, have always played dirty tricks with people’s minds resulting in divisions and troubles amongst the tribes.

With our dwindling economy, majority of us are working extra harder to put some meals on the table. But that is not all,  the cost of living is sky-rocketing forcing some investor to relocate to favorable countries.

With politics being the daily subject by people we elected to lead our green nation, we only remain hopeful that the president will come out of the ‘rich cocoon’ and face the reality, see the faces of people who elected him in democratic process.

Her Answered Prayer

English: Maker Faire Africa in Nairobi-Nairobi...
English: Maker Faire Africa in Nairobi-Nairobi Hill,Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She raised her weakly hands towards the sky and said, “Thanks to the living God for directing this person to me, for today I would have something to eat in my house.”

It was a message that I received from a beggar while walking on the streets of Nairobi today.  You can think I gave her lots of money, no! It was just a Ksh20 coin.

Things are becoming tough. With the prices of food-stuffs and other essential items sky rocketing, I understood why she loudly praised the Lord who drove me to her.

Where is Kenya’s Economy heading to? Unhappy people are trying their level best to stay and wait for the country’s economy to start growing by double digits as promised by the president and his deputy, even though with little to hopes that this dream will ever come to pass.

With the wage bill too high and civil servants going on strike very often,demanding for a pay rise, the future of the nation is unknown- unpredictable. As time goes, the more the pain for the common mwananchi.


Why I Hate +254 Politics

English: Kikuyu woman with face painted white ...
English: Kikuyu woman with face painted white and red, wearing several necklaces with shell beads. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hate politics! Not because of rigging or such related violation of Kenyans‘ rights, but because of the division politics has brought in our back yard.

During recent demo at the gates of the Parliament of Kenya, no one was a Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, Kamba, Maasai etc, Kenyans were so united that they sung on one tune -Occupy Parliament – calling on their leaders (dividers) to drop their push for salary increment.
Come to another issue. In recent organized attacks in Bungoma and Busia counties, political connections were discovered. Some villagers confirmed this claims saying the assailants were demanding to know the politician the victims voted for before they were mercilessly attacked. Not only that! North Eastern and Coastal regions are also experiencing this kind of political terrorism.
People have accumulated wealth dubiously and are using the same to instill fear amongst the residents for political gains. We cannot afford to live in the society where some few individuals are like gods, that the terms like ‘you know who cannot be named’ are used instead of the person’s real names. This is not Harry Potter world, period!
What happened to our intelligence service system? With CID and NSIS on the ground and yet no arrest as the time goes. We need the big fish out of the bond, however small the reservoir might be. The attackers must have had a connection: phone calls, messages, transportation, financial records etc. Oh, politics again!
I hate politics because of evils linked with this game. In my view, a big-named person is playing with people knowledge just to frustrate the government from delivery of its promises to the people in time.
Have you say!

What is happening to Kenya’s Economy?

Usually, the first person to feel the pinch of a weakening economy is someone who lives below a dollar a day and sometimes the middle-class society. Sad part of truth is, the rich are always the cause but they are immune to feel economic bites.

On ground, people are struggling to keep the wheel of life revolving, living by prayers and faith that even tomorrow could come to pass. Completely innocent without a clue why the cost of living has become so difficult to manage.

Politics! This is the cause of people’s problems. The economic future is limited since political tentacles touch every sensitive part that holds our country’s stability.

Kenya’s economy is controlled by an elite group –super rich individuals- who are able to twist and tune and lead politics into their preferable status. Making sure that power remains within their hands, and the country is steered to where they benefit the most.

Equality in sharing national resources is out of question. They own Kenya! The remainder is left for middle class and crumbs for majority –poor people.

Before official campaign period for March 4th general elections, Kenya’s economic was not that bad as majority of people were happy with little they had. Their expectation was that after peaceful election and power transition, they would pick from where they left and move on with national building. Unfortunately, things did not go as to their expectations.

As power struggle continues within the elite group, the repercussions are being felt by the middle class and lower groups. The weight of these political matters is becoming very heavy each month and might blow up into social crimes if not dealt with in time.

People crying for democracy, truth and justice should start thinking about how this is affecting the country’s economic stability. It is true that no one would love to inherit a desert unless it has an economic value; however, it also depends on how much one is willing to sacrifice for the sake of it on the expense of the people.-

CORD Should Give Peace a Chance.

What distinguishes an ordinary term and hate-speech? We have ethnic stereo-type terms that nowadays have evolved into incitement speeches that National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has not yet rated them as  such. To me, it seems NCIC is hacking an old server not knowing that all data was upgraded into a new and more sophisticated one.

Recently, the Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) presidential candidate and a Prime minister of the government of Kenya, Hon. Raila Odinga‘s claims of possible poll rig this coming March 4th, 2013 left the country polarized like never before. His allegations did a damage in the trust that Kenyans have for our electoral commission, IEBC, however, NCIC remained quiet about these.

Let’s have sometime to remember what Mr. Odinga said before 2007 general election. He used exact words, but that time the Party of National Unity (PNU) was a culprit. Does this mean he is planning something bigger this year? Time will tell, but I fear the outcome of this coming election.

This is one clear indication that if he is trounced by any of the presidential aspirants during the D-day, he sure will not accept the results. And now that Raila has prepared his missiles, he would not hesitate to light a match!

Raila Odinga likes playing with people’s minds -seeking public sympathy- when the going gets tough. He did this in 2007 and the country was brought onto its knees. We should not allow the same to happen this year.

Another thing to mention!  You have read or watched a video of  Mutahi Ngunyi’s Theory of Tyranny of Numbers, right? What do you think? It is not the matter of the crowd in public rallies all over the country, registered voters will carry the day. Agree or disagree, CORD needs a miracle to emerge the winner!

The only chance to make this miracle happen is by convincing people, voters, against electing an ICC suspect as the president of Kenya. Nonetheless, the time is ticking out for CORD to turn things round.

My point: if CORD had acquired enough evidence of government support for Jubilee presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, and alleged force linked to poll rigging of March 4th election, they (party leaders) should have reported this scheme to relevant authorities -IEBC for instance- instead of going for public option. There was a reason for this, we (voters and CORD supports) still don’t know why!

I Love Peace! I hate Evil!

Peace In Kenya’s Political Campagns

p.kOver the past few weeks, we have been experiencing smooth flow of campaigns in the country. None of the presidential aspirants has reported of hostility in rival regions. I call this, the best approach for unity and peace in fragile-state our country is by now.

I take this precious opportunity to appreciate Kenyans for being such peace-loving people, and I hope if this continues for the remaining weeks, the country will sure have peaceful transition in governance and acceptance of the outcome after March 4 general election.

“Kenya is bigger than each and everyone of us..” These were words of a presidential aspirant, running on Eagle Coalition ticket, Peter Kenneth during Kenya’s first presidential debate. Every Kenyan has a right to expression, however, Kenya as a country comes first! If one does not agree with someone else, then it is better that such disagreements be solved in other means possible other than hurting each other.

By now, presidential candidates have a right to meet Kenyans all over the country. Tribal issues have been there and will always be a stumbling stone in political stands -especial presidential affiliations. I would like to urge people to listen more and make wise decisions instead of being so inclined to ethnicity and make a choice that would cripple the country’s economy and international relations.

Another issue that is dividing Kenyans is the ICC cases that Jubilee Alliance presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate, William Ruto are facing. Yesterday, the Kenyan High Court ruled out that it has no jurisdiction to block the two from running for presidency yet they are facing cases of crimes against humanity at the Hague. The lobby groups that filed the case are planning for an appeal in Supreme Court, which I predict would be the same as High Court ruling.

According to Uhuru, the ICC case is just a personal problem that he is facing, and he is ready to fully cooperate with ICC until his name is cleared. We should respect his bid! In my view, he has all it takes to be the president of Kenya, just like any other candidate. As you already know, ICC has no strong case to pin him down, and my mind tells me that he is going to be free soon -another sacrifice for the sake of peace in Kenya. ICC is not stupid!

I love Kenya, I love Peace….

I Hate Evil!