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CORD Should Give Peace a Chance.

What distinguishes an ordinary term and hate-speech? We have ethnic stereo-type terms that nowadays have evolved into incitement speeches that National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has not yet rated them as  such. To me, it seems NCIC is hacking an old server not knowing that all data was upgraded into a new and more sophisticated one.

Recently, the Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) presidential candidate and a Prime minister of the government of Kenya, Hon. Raila Odinga‘s claims of possible poll rig this coming March 4th, 2013 left the country polarized like never before. His allegations did a damage in the trust that Kenyans have for our electoral commission, IEBC, however, NCIC remained quiet about these.

Let’s have sometime to remember what Mr. Odinga said before 2007 general election. He used exact words, but that time the Party of National Unity (PNU) was a culprit. Does this mean he is planning something bigger this year? Time will tell, but I fear the outcome of this coming election.

This is one clear indication that if he is trounced by any of the presidential aspirants during the D-day, he sure will not accept the results. And now that Raila has prepared his missiles, he would not hesitate to light a match!

Raila Odinga likes playing with people’s minds -seeking public sympathy- when the going gets tough. He did this in 2007 and the country was brought onto its knees. We should not allow the same to happen this year.

Another thing to mention!  You have read or watched a video of  Mutahi Ngunyi’s Theory of Tyranny of Numbers, right? What do you think? It is not the matter of the crowd in public rallies all over the country, registered voters will carry the day. Agree or disagree, CORD needs a miracle to emerge the winner!

The only chance to make this miracle happen is by convincing people, voters, against electing an ICC suspect as the president of Kenya. Nonetheless, the time is ticking out for CORD to turn things round.

My point: if CORD had acquired enough evidence of government support for Jubilee presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, and alleged force linked to poll rigging of March 4th election, they (party leaders) should have reported this scheme to relevant authorities -IEBC for instance- instead of going for public option. There was a reason for this, we (voters and CORD supports) still don’t know why!

I Love Peace! I hate Evil!


Peace In Kenya’s Political Campagns

p.kOver the past few weeks, we have been experiencing smooth flow of campaigns in the country. None of the presidential aspirants has reported of hostility in rival regions. I call this, the best approach for unity and peace in fragile-state our country is by now.

I take this precious opportunity to appreciate Kenyans for being such peace-loving people, and I hope if this continues for the remaining weeks, the country will sure have peaceful transition in governance and acceptance of the outcome after March 4 general election.

“Kenya is bigger than each and everyone of us..” These were words of a presidential aspirant, running on Eagle Coalition ticket, Peter Kenneth during Kenya’s first presidential debate. Every Kenyan has a right to expression, however, Kenya as a country comes first! If one does not agree with someone else, then it is better that such disagreements be solved in other means possible other than hurting each other.

By now, presidential candidates have a right to meet Kenyans all over the country. Tribal issues have been there and will always be a stumbling stone in political stands -especial presidential affiliations. I would like to urge people to listen more and make wise decisions instead of being so inclined to ethnicity and make a choice that would cripple the country’s economy and international relations.

Another issue that is dividing Kenyans is the ICC cases that Jubilee Alliance presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate, William Ruto are facing. Yesterday, the Kenyan High Court ruled out that it has no jurisdiction to block the two from running for presidency yet they are facing cases of crimes against humanity at the Hague. The lobby groups that filed the case are planning for an appeal in Supreme Court, which I predict would be the same as High Court ruling.

According to Uhuru, the ICC case is just a personal problem that he is facing, and he is ready to fully cooperate with ICC until his name is cleared. We should respect his bid! In my view, he has all it takes to be the president of Kenya, just like any other candidate. As you already know, ICC has no strong case to pin him down, and my mind tells me that he is going to be free soon -another sacrifice for the sake of peace in Kenya. ICC is not stupid!

I love Kenya, I love Peace….

I Hate Evil!

The Show Is On! March 4th And Thereafter.

561478_10152252039925405_349362284_nIn a month’s time, the country is going into its first general election under the new constitution. This is going to mark the new dawn for Kenya and her people -peaceful  and happiness shall reign just like the day the new constitution was promulgated. The most obvious thing is that changes will be put in place as strong pillars of our democracy.

The best thing is, Kenyans are ready to surprise their leaders. My prediction is that, new people are going to inherit the mantle of power -based on merit not fame! Party elections depicted these to us, unfortunately some were marked with election malpractices rendering a good percentage of the whole exercise void.

Here is the problem: some political veterans are not ready to relinquish power to new comers. Just like how they did in political party primaries, they would try rig themselves into the public office. Believe me Kenyans, Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) is very aware of this and is ready to give them one more surprise. Unless they take IEBC’s ‘vote nullification warning’ seriously, the pain will be much to bear!

You and I know how they do and why the do it! For some, conceding is just a word that has no meaning in reality, they would do anything to get attain their goal -resulting in violence and financing of unrest. We should not back up such like people, better if election related cases be solved in courts of justice.

Change We Need, Through Diplomacy

It is insane, beyond my understanding as to why some people do not see the meaning of life. Kenya has been a good country, with men, women and children who had one goal; that is peace. How did this dream change?

For years, the struggle has been on and off. People were optimistic about change they wanted so badly, but it became clear that nothing changes that easily. 

The optimum of this endless struggle reached peak point that no one had envisioned about. That is when it got out of hand resulting in mess we are now facing -lack of understanding, lawlessness, brutal killings and every kind of evil in our society.

However, we do have a more friendlier way to outsmart evil. In Kenya, we are fortunate to have so many literate people. Literacy is the only way for prosperous future, it conquers everything that is drawing us back -divisive politics, ethnicity, corruption etc. 

Sometimes I wonder how people reason out on matters related to security and national stability. I have my reasons for believing that we can make it through diplomacy no matter how worse the situation is. I advocate for peace and I stand for diplomacy in areas being affected by pre-election violence. 

The Shadows of Politics in Kenya

sux when religion gets into politics
sux when religion gets into politics (Photo credit: cesarharada.com)

As I sit back and watch the titans battle for top seats in government. I can’t help but wonder why they are so daring, no remorse as if the past don’t matter. The question is, do they care for the people they want to represent?

It is evident that, the country has not fully recovered from 2007 horror scenes. However, our dear leaders have forgotten that, in fact they moved on and opened another page in their political career, expecting us -the affected- to follow suit without questions.

These people have never been there for Kenya, the country they want to lead don’t know them either. In fragile peace like one we are leading, I expected them to talk of unity, peace and harmony among Kenyans. So bad that only words like ‘I will.., they can’t.., vote out old generation.., elect digital.., shun analogue… etc‘ are being fired from one group to another.

It seems greed has blinded our political aspirants that they can not see the reality. For a reminder, we still have displaced persons in camps. The government’s move to resettle them was marred by politics, and by now they still wait in vain as promises and challenges are exchanged over them by political elites.This is insane! Politicizing everything good that could help common Kenyans emerge from their predicaments.

I only hope for a day Kenyans will say ‘NO!’ to this kind of treatment and retaliate by voting them out. There is need for new people, and people have a voice. Only by shunning ethnicity and employing people in terms of integrity that we shall win. Otherwise, we are bound in this dirty game forever.

I hate Evil!

Hopeful For a Better Tomorrow

English: Statue of Dedan Kimathi in Nairobi, K...
English: Statue of Dedan Kimathi in Nairobi, Kenya. Dedan Kimathi Waciuri (truly, Kimathi wa Waciuri), Field Marshal, (October 31, 1920 – February 18, 1957) was a Kenyan rebel leader who fought against British colonization in Kenya in the 1950s. He was convicted and executed by the British colonial government. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The future of Kenya is so bright, but it comes with a condition: living in harmony, violence less, mutual coexistence, love for humankind etc. This condition is not hard to fulfil, it only needs to see the reality. Love for the nation or patriotism is all that is needed.

In past four years, we have been trying to fix the mess we made. Blame it on anything that comes your way, but keep in mind that politics has been and will continue being a dirty game in our country.

Before concluding that you have little you can do for change, have a clear conscience towards other people, we all fall in a similar group that comprise of the hassler. In this huge group, we have destroyers of common interest and those who abide by mutual inter community relationship. Where do you want to be? You have a choice to make; however, you choice should be determined by love for humanity rather than racism.

One thing is so clear, that we have a beautiful country. The soul of this nation is buried in each and everyone residing in Kenya -both indigenous group and foreigners. Nevertheless, the people should have one voice, a cry for change from minority rule to majority way.

Of course, we are not talking about mass action. We do remember what is did, do we? A quick flash back could answer that.


Just a Note Kenya: Don’t Forget The Beast

Last two weeks we experienced blotted blood baths that almost crippled social and mutual interaction between affected communities. It almost escalated into unnecessary unrest in the country. Can this be an early warning for another dark hour in the country? Let us see!

Still we live in fear for post election violence this coming general election. Even though the President has always been in fore front in preaching peace and stability in Kenya, a few people can believe there could be enough security to guard the evil from repeating itself, tension in inter community relations is still static, and we can not rule out the possibility that criminals can take that advantage to maim, harass, rob, and kill innocent peace loving people.

image: stockxpertcom


Unless the game changes, we are being led into that trap by our political affiliations. The very evident practice that closely inclined to whatever happened before 2007 election is being repeated this year: regional political strongholds, preaching regional collaborations, party ditching and joining regionally affiliated parties etc. I would exempt those politicians eying for governor’s post and that of the constituency’s, however, as for presidential seat, we need a leader -someone who has Kenya at heart- not a regional president.

Our fear for change, fear of unknown, fear for what we think might happen if so and so is elected as president are thinks that has always taken us back instead of moving forward economically.

We fought amongst each other, violently attacked one others for no reason, or is there one? At the end, we went about 15 years back! Most people in middle and poor class are still straggling to put behind what happened years back, and still more to come if we do not learn from our mistake.

Believe me not, we can make a difference. We can change this system -partisan politics- and create fear in those who thinks they can manipulate our ignorance for their own advantage. Nevertheless, this can only happen if we bury tribalism and refuse to take a bait our politicians are trying to allure us with.

I wish we can send all of them home by choosing new leaders. You wish is your command!

I hate Evil!