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The Plight of A Teenage-Looking Old Man

A 40-year-old man was left with so many unanswered questions when a man in early twenties asked him about his life as a teenager and even advised him why he should not rush for relationships and marriage in the near future.

The father of one was left wondering why the unknown young man saw in him that drove those hurting and demeaning words from his mouth. Read more



How Kenyans Remains United until Politics Do Them Part!

How Kenyans Remains United until Politics Do Them Part!.

I like it that I was born in Kenya, taught to be a patriot and urged to love everyone who comes in my way. In fact, the journey through all the pillars of love was not easy. My mum beat me up, teachers had a quality time on my butt, and lastly the society was so harsh on anyone who went contrary to what it expected from their youngsters. That way, I was given a pass into the world that knows no one. What I Came To Learn What I never knew was that almost everyone was passing through the same….

You Want To Bubble Like A Pro? Here Is The Key, Go For It!

Bubblews questionsThe biggest challenge to most Bubblers (Bubblews.com users) is how to be immune from delayed or unpaid redemption, but have you ever thought of the reasons behind non payments and delays? It is something to do with the number of staff against thousands of users? Or it has something to do with the revenue accumulated in a period of time. Let’s explore each into details, maybe we would find a reason why some members are crying and some are happy.

Being an outsider, I would like to inform you that whatever that is written in this article is based on ‘what if’ strategy trying to understand why there is this great gap between happy Bubblers and those who cry of raw-deals in how Bubblews conducts itself.

The first common one being the ‘suspected violation’ detected on someone’s bubble. Here, we are being governed by eight -which looks so simple but very complicated- rules that most of us end up being crucified by them before noticing our mistake. Avoid being caught by this factor in all cost.

With the growing number of the Bubblews community, it has become difficult for the small staff to keep up with the pace of the large crowd that is continuously joining the site. Delayed redemption could be the result of this factor. We only hope that the management is looking for a better way to seal off this loophole for well deserved Bubblers to receive their money in timely basis.

Then I read somewhere that Bubblews can not keep paying all its members because the money that the company receives from the advertisers varies day in day out. And that with Bubblews having its constant three channels of earnings for its members, it is impossible that the generated revenues be higher than the traffic being experienced by each post that goes online.

I don’t know how true this is but I doubt that the writer was genuine enough for his readers (audience).

I have an experience with this last one, the Errors on Bubblews website. Before you hit that button, make sure that the site is running perfectly well. I did make this mistake once and I don’t want anyone else to go through the same again.

Now you are free to Bubble like a pro. Go for it.


A Mistake That You Should Avoid As An Upcoming Writer

Was I waiting for the whistle for an injury time for me to make the final move? Maybe yes… maybe not. I have to admit that I am not that good in passing through tiny spaces. That means, I hate being in the crowd while targeting something in common –desperately. However, time sometimes plays a very mean game, forcing me to get down on my knees begging for some more. Anyway, let’s get back on track.

I love writing and for sure, I have been doing well in this career. Yes! I want to be successful in this thing that I like doing when I am not that busy in my offline activities. Unfortunately, I have one big problem! I like putting my eggs in one basket. I hope you understand what I mean.

I read somewhere that wise people have one thing in common: they do not invest most of their time and money in one particular business that pays a lot, instead, they like taking chances and risks in their ventures just for curiosity reasons. I think I lack this as a character and it is one thing that has been the ‘pain’ in my writing career.

Now that things are not working right in my favorite writing site, the idea of moving on has struck my mind. This is sick!

I think a good writer should maximize on available writing recourses- think of freelance writing sites, revenue share sites, and article submission sites-, so that when complications arises in one channel, other remaining channels be there to sustain the inflow of writing work and money if that is the main target.

To answer the question that I asked earlier, writing lifestyle needs dependable channels of income. Not just one (as I used to do), but a number of them as a base for your future writing career.

If you want to stay ahead in the game… avoid the final rush.



Are You Enjoying Your Freedom?

Life is at stake! That is the only explanation of the situation that surrounds a common citizen like me and others who likes being in the crowd, especially during prayers, festivities and recreational activities.

Being vigilant to your surrounding is one thing, but living in fear is another thing that a free citizen should not have to go through while one is out there. But do we have a choice here? I doubt that we can do anything about it.

With terrorists on rampage, the world has thinned to one on his or her own and nothing like trusting a stranger or having an untrustworthy friend. This is because, you never know who is your real enemy until the person turn against your.

What happened to communal policing? I hope we should try this if we haven’t attempted yet.

An Unhappy Kenyan

Being a citizen of a given nation is a privilege. It gives one a sense of belonging and protection from both internal and external aggression.

I am a Kenyan and I love my country. Though we have our own ups and downs in politics and misunderstandings in ethnic lines, we always come together as one when faced with a common threat.

One thing I worry is politics. Politics is the source of every evil in Kenya. The leaders, as we call them, have always played dirty tricks with people’s minds resulting in divisions and troubles amongst the tribes.

With our dwindling economy, majority of us are working extra harder to put some meals on the table. But that is not all,  the cost of living is sky-rocketing forcing some investor to relocate to favorable countries.

With politics being the daily subject by people we elected to lead our green nation, we only remain hopeful that the president will come out of the ‘rich cocoon’ and face the reality, see the faces of people who elected him in democratic process.

Youth Activists Arrested In Kenya

Whether these are speculations or not, the word is being spread like wild fire in a dry season. Arresting Kenyan youths on unknown grounds is something a good government should think twice before acting.

In this week only, about seventeen activists were arrested and charged with illegal public gathering -what the hell is this? Whatever that means, this group has been holding their meetings regularly over the past years with no problems.

Why now? I have never known that a group with malicious aims can have meeting in public when the police force is watching! Unless the government comes clear about this new rule, I’m not happy at all.

The trend of arresting youths is continuing. A group that went to complain about land grabbing in a certain Nairobi suburb was lured into a police drag net and impounded for no reason. Eye witnesses said some members of the group were assaulted by the government police…

I have a reason to believe that the government is fearing something. With reports that majority of Kenyans are not happy with the new government, I think the people in power are doing everything to create fear amongst the citizens.

It is like Kenyan leadership is trying out some ‘dictatorship’ theories in fear that Kenyans would revolt against the government.

This is a wrong move, and whoever advised the president to implement such measures did not consider the negative side of it.

I don’t wanna start calling out for peace again… The wise has a say, but the time has a way.