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Why Kenya Should Think Well Before Military Action In South Sudan

The time the president of the republic of Kenya will send his troops to South Sudan will mark a new change in relationship between Kenya and her closest ally Uganda. Both countries have been struggling to flex their muscles in East Africa and this rivalry between them have shown some loose ends which I think will spill over-board if they meet in battle field again.

The game of ‘Who is Mighty’ started when Kenyan troops crossed into Somalia to secure those regions that were seen as a threat to Kenya’s national security.

Kenya’s First Win

Ugandan Defense forces which had staged a buffer zone in the war-torn country were not ready for this change. The Ugandan Army General even termed Kenya’s incursion in Somalia as ‘failed move.’ But they were surprise to see Al-Shabaab go down on Kenyan Defense Forces.

Kenya scored huge against her close rival. However, the game of wits has now shifted to another country which is close to Kenya even more that how it is for Uganda.

If you remember very well, the deal of South Sudan’s separation from Sudan was signed in Kenya –even the flag of their country has big likeness to that of Kenya’s. But when the conflicts started in this newest country in Africa, Uganda was the first Nation to send its troops as peace keeping forces in South Sudan. Now, do not ask me reasons why.

The Migingo Factor

If we look back, we find that Uganda has been touching on Kenya’s wounds for a while, but since our presidents are clever enough not to engage in military action against its neighbor, nothing big has been done. The demarcation of the boundary between Kenya and Uganda to determine the real owners of Migingo Island was staled when Ugandan side pulled out citing inaccuracy of the tools that were being used. It takes a third eye to see the reality: in my view, this was not what the neighbor expected and thus a waste of time.

This is a delicate case that the president should think twice before making a military move in S. Sudan because, someone would take this advantage to revenge on what he lost in Somalia.

Friendly Fires

We now know that Uganda is on the front line to oust the rebels which are holding key towns in S. Sudan. If they become successful in neutralizing the threat, they will take fist credit in their effort to quell violence in its neighbors. Any threat to loosing this chance will not be taken lightly.

I what I see, if Kenya Defense Forces cross the border to S. Sudan to fight alongside the government forces and their ally neighbor, the success of eliminating the rebels will be shared equally, and this will not go well with the pioneers in peace keeping in that Eastern Africa state. This might result in friendly fires against Kenya Army hence creating enmity between the two ‘friends’.

Okay, I welcome every kind of criticism…


Youth Activists Arrested In Kenya

Whether these are speculations or not, the word is being spread like wild fire in a dry season. Arresting Kenyan youths on unknown grounds is something a good government should think twice before acting.

In this week only, about seventeen activists were arrested and charged with illegal public gathering -what the hell is this? Whatever that means, this group has been holding their meetings regularly over the past years with no problems.

Why now? I have never known that a group with malicious aims can have meeting in public when the police force is watching! Unless the government comes clear about this new rule, I’m not happy at all.

The trend of arresting youths is continuing. A group that went to complain about land grabbing in a certain Nairobi suburb was lured into a police drag net and impounded for no reason. Eye witnesses said some members of the group were assaulted by the government police…

I have a reason to believe that the government is fearing something. With reports that majority of Kenyans are not happy with the new government, I think the people in power are doing everything to create fear amongst the citizens.

It is like Kenyan leadership is trying out some ‘dictatorship’ theories in fear that Kenyans would revolt against the government.

This is a wrong move, and whoever advised the president to implement such measures did not consider the negative side of it.

I don’t wanna start calling out for peace again… The wise has a say, but the time has a way.

Why I Hate +254 Politics

English: Kikuyu woman with face painted white ...
English: Kikuyu woman with face painted white and red, wearing several necklaces with shell beads. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I hate politics! Not because of rigging or such related violation of Kenyans‘ rights, but because of the division politics has brought in our back yard.

During recent demo at the gates of the Parliament of Kenya, no one was a Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, Kamba, Maasai etc, Kenyans were so united that they sung on one tune -Occupy Parliament – calling on their leaders (dividers) to drop their push for salary increment.
Come to another issue. In recent organized attacks in Bungoma and Busia counties, political connections were discovered. Some villagers confirmed this claims saying the assailants were demanding to know the politician the victims voted for before they were mercilessly attacked. Not only that! North Eastern and Coastal regions are also experiencing this kind of political terrorism.
People have accumulated wealth dubiously and are using the same to instill fear amongst the residents for political gains. We cannot afford to live in the society where some few individuals are like gods, that the terms like ‘you know who cannot be named’ are used instead of the person’s real names. This is not Harry Potter world, period!
What happened to our intelligence service system? With CID and NSIS on the ground and yet no arrest as the time goes. We need the big fish out of the bond, however small the reservoir might be. The attackers must have had a connection: phone calls, messages, transportation, financial records etc. Oh, politics again!
I hate politics because of evils linked with this game. In my view, a big-named person is playing with people knowledge just to frustrate the government from delivery of its promises to the people in time.
Have you say!

Mathare Violence: A Week Long Of Unrest

Mathare No. 10 has been experiencing cold violence for a week now. Two rival groups are engaging each other in a game that has crippled peace in the area. It all started when a young man was killed in alleged inter-community love triangle.

Retaliatory attacks that followed claimed two lives with victims burnt beyond recognition. The story on ground is that, the assailants locked victims is a bub, splashed petrol all over the structure and set it on fire. The gang that organized the crime stood in guard with guns and crude weapons until the fire was beyond control. Property of unknown value was destroyed several people were displaced.

On Friday night at around 11PM, another arsonist fire destroyed  over forty houses, several people injured but no one was reported killed. Anti-riot policemen- in fully gear-  are already on ground but tension is high with some residents shifting to peaceful regions in fear of more violence.

This area is known to experience violence during election-periods and with this escalating  unrest, people fear of what could happen if the situation is not contained now.


Hidden Plans After 2013 General Elections

Raila Odinga and his wife Ida Odinga during th...
Raila Odinga and his wife Ida Odinga during the ODM Rally at Uhuru park Nairobi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I understand better why the country went through a hard period after 2007 general elections. Most of us pointed an accusation finger on the Electoral Commission, but the main reason was never discovered, and people still believe rigged election triggered violence in the country.

If we remember well, opinion polls indicated that Prime Minister R. Odinga and President Kibaki were so close, and that any of them could have emerged the winner. But since Raila seemed to enjoy support country wide, some rubbished these findings terming them as malicious means to sabotage the reality. It did not take long before they faced the outcome in anger and disbelieve.

The reason why I believe President Kibaki’s re-election was genuine is the fact that it seems the crowd that Raila was enjoying had no votes –non registered voters. And I can predict the same going to happen in March 4th 2013.

Recently, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) reported that they have registered majority of voters in Central and Nairobi region. By statistics, these two regions favor the Jubilee Coalition led by U. Kenyatta, S. Ruto and M. Mudavadi.  Something to worry about is, are the CORD supports ready see someone other than Raila become the fourth President of Kenya?

The formulated plan

By now everyone having a mobile phone has received a message from IEBC urging people to go and register as voters. Voters’ registration campaign has been all over the country –through news channels, on-ground door to door campaigns, and even the politicians are preaching this to their supporters. However, it seems people are not taking heed of all these.

My reliable source has uncovered the controversy surrounding this go-slow of voter’s registration. A lot has been said about BVR-kits, but all these myths are just deceiving means to keep people in the dark. Youths in Nairobi, mostly in those areas that were severely affected by PEV  are grouping themselves in readiness for another onslaught on rival communities.

It has also emerged that these people have deliberately refused to honor their democratic rights; instead they are equipping themselves with crude weapons and warning their neighbors of what would happen if CORD does not emerge the winner this coming general elections.

During those dark-days in Kenya’s history, criminal minded individuals benefited much in looting and day light robberies. In my view, they are trying to cripple this election just to have another lawless crime spree. I hope the law enforcement team is aware of this.

Suguta Valley -Fleeing Bandits’ Threats

Airstrike not possible in Baragoi Valley? What is lie! This is a move to avoid civilian casualty or just to make the Killer gang feel powerful in presence of security personnel. Just a reminder. Kenya’s Media earlier reported of the same group using women and children as human shield, to add on this Kenya Military has experience in such like warfare. Something is missing here!

Gang threats that they will shoot down fighter planes pursuing them in death valley is like adding an insult to an already wounded and angry Thanator (an imaginary creature in Avatar Movie).

Thanator: image from san-sci blog.


This gang of lawless Morans as we know are heavily armed, but their firepower is not that powerful to threaten KDF (Kenya Defense Forces) Air-force in tracking and taking them out.

According to Daily Nation, peace negotiations between two rival communities in the region are still underway as elders in both sides urging the Morans to return stolen livestock. This comes when ground forces consisting of regular police and GSU (General Service Unit) are still combing the Suguta valley to recover  Anti-Stock Theft officer Gucha Woche’s body which is still missing.

This operation is being conducted to rid off the Killer gang that massacred about 42 police officers.

Daily Nation Photo