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Before Rushing into another Relationship, Be Ready!

A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...
A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo modified by author using Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even hot water can extinguish fire? Of course I’m cognizance about this, however never lie to yourself that the same can work in relationships.

There are those who believe that the fastest way to forget someone you love is by getting into a new relationship.

First it depends on whether your previous love was real or infatuation. Secondly how much did the person dominate your mind and heart?. If you move on that quick, then just know you were wasting your precious time whereas your heart was still in searching mode. But if you can’t move on, then don’t rush.

The fire in your heart keeps burning even after love has hit the dead end. You can’t risk it, for sure you don’t want whatever that happened to repeat itself.

Keep your fragile heart in safety until ready to swing again in the world dominated by the heartless beings. Love is never soluble, even though it appears as one.


Change We Need, Through Diplomacy

It is insane, beyond my understanding as to why some people do not see the meaning of life. Kenya has been a good country, with men, women and children who had one goal; that is peace. How did this dream change?

For years, the struggle has been on and off. People were optimistic about change they wanted so badly, but it became clear that nothing changes that easily. 

The optimum of this endless struggle reached peak point that no one had envisioned about. That is when it got out of hand resulting in mess we are now facing -lack of understanding, lawlessness, brutal killings and every kind of evil in our society.

However, we do have a more friendlier way to outsmart evil. In Kenya, we are fortunate to have so many literate people. Literacy is the only way for prosperous future, it conquers everything that is drawing us back -divisive politics, ethnicity, corruption etc. 

Sometimes I wonder how people reason out on matters related to security and national stability. I have my reasons for believing that we can make it through diplomacy no matter how worse the situation is. I advocate for peace and I stand for diplomacy in areas being affected by pre-election violence. 

Baragoi Attacks: Bandits On Rampage Again

Its barely two months since the first attack in Baragoi -Suguta Valley that left 42 policemen dead. Yesterday, the same heavily armed bandits attacked Masikita village and made away with about a thousand goats and four thousand heads of cattle.

According to the villagers, the bandits had general purpose machine-gun, hand grenades and other powerful weapons suspected to be those stolen from slain police officers in November attack.

On ground, sources are reporting of high tension that has forced Masikita residents to seek refuge in Baragoi town following threats of return attack from the killer gang.

Last month, the members of the parliament were unanimous against the government’s proposal to deploy Kenya Armed Forces in the area. Now residents fear that they are vulnerable to more attacks, and that they have been left defenseless after disarmament exercise that was conducted in previous months.

source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/?articleID=2000073487&story_title=Baragoi-suffers-fresh-attack

IEBC: 14.3 Million Kenyans Registered To Vote

Green light for 14.3 Kenyan voters

The compiled report by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) indicates that 14.3 million people have registered as voters, but this figure could go slightly up when Kenyans living in East Africa Community (EAC) countries- Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi will be listed.

This figure is about 3 million shy of the projected number –the targeted registered voters- which was set to reach 18 million before the beginning of the exercise on November 19th and ended on Tuesday.

Some are blaming the IEBC for not adding more time to allow unregistered voters make up their mind. However, it is understandable that many people ignored the call for their personal reasons.

By using electronic system –Biometric Voter Registration process-, IEBC collected finger prints, ID card numbers, and pictures that will be used to identify the registered voter and help prevent fraud that the country witnessed in 2007. To host a free and fair election. The only chance to curb the repeat of post election violence that claimed over 1000 lives and left about 2 million people as internal refugees.

Come March 4th, Kenyans are going to elect a new president to succeed the retiring President Kibaki. Other government official – MPs, senators, provincial governors and local officials are also going to be voted in. This is the first general election under the country’s new constitution.

Hello world!

Just to familiarize myself with this blogging platform, I take this time to welcome you all to this blog. Happiness on this world depends entirely on people who surround us, we get encouragement, criticism which brings change, encouragement that opens opportunities wide for everyone, and love of association which is a humble beginning. Well, I wish to join each and everyone who is interested in my work, my promise is to READ and be informed, whatever the niche of your work, I don’t shy away from Knowledge..

Be there, and I will be here!