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Some Limits In a Relationship

Should she know everything about you?

There is a reason why lies go hand in a hand with truth. And everyone has secrets that he or she can not reveal to the partner in love. Now, what if she is insists of telling her everything that you have done in life, including those dark secrets that keep you alive and respected?
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When Love Turns Scum!

The quicker i became aware of the love scum, the

better I treated the ‘scummer’ from digging in my

love garden.

It all started when I was a little kid who knew nothing about love

that was when naivety was my bride and love was the second

party that came along.

She was nice but untouchable, hot but with a faint heart and

lovable by her sly nature 😦

She touched my heart with pretense and showed me the way

to bigger worthless life. I loved that desperate moment

even when I knew I was not in her heart.

Oops! The day came when I told her that it was not

worth it to keep lying to myself that all will be well. I

told her to look for love somewhere else and I left.

As expected, she turned and walked away smiling broadly

like a new bright star! 🙂

Back-fired proposal

she said no!
she said no!

With her lovely fake smile, how was I to

know that she was hiding something from me?

She was nice like a colored flower, 🙂

She kept her coolness in that great shape

and sailed through my heart like the air in lungs.

Mm! The moment of truth came,

On my knee I said my wishes before the crowd

hoping that she would accept my ‘Will you marry me’ stuff.

She looked at me and laughed, then she said

“I never thought you’re such an a**hole. But Now I do.”

She left me there watching as she swung her butt off.

Yep! Never will I make such a mistake 🙂 again.

Mother’s Love, An Experience Like Never Before!

I saw a tear in her eyes,
So round and big,
I saw it roll down her cheeks,
So cold and watery..
I saw it fall on the ground,
So wet and soluble,

Then she looked at me,
So lovely and sad,
Then she opened her arms,
So encouraging and welcoming,
As she sobbed in my arms,
So touching and warmly.

She later smiled,
So dearly and strongly,
Tears of love,
So heart-warming and lovely,
She kissed my cheeks,
So motherly and unforgettably..

Mothers love..
Nothing can beat it

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Before Rushing into another Relationship, Be Ready!

A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...
A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo modified by author using Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even hot water can extinguish fire? Of course I’m cognizance about this, however never lie to yourself that the same can work in relationships.

There are those who believe that the fastest way to forget someone you love is by getting into a new relationship.

First it depends on whether your previous love was real or infatuation. Secondly how much did the person dominate your mind and heart?. If you move on that quick, then just know you were wasting your precious time whereas your heart was still in searching mode. But if you can’t move on, then don’t rush.

The fire in your heart keeps burning even after love has hit the dead end. You can’t risk it, for sure you don’t want whatever that happened to repeat itself.

Keep your fragile heart in safety until ready to swing again in the world dominated by the heartless beings. Love is never soluble, even though it appears as one.

Who is The master in Love Relationships?

There is a reason for everything, and there is always a link to common mistakes we make. The mistake we underestimate might turn out to be a hard nut to crack. Love is the only game with no master!704624_10152285253200533_869879249_o

Love, Crazy love is like a mistaken desire,

Whose time comes when you face the reality..,

It does exist in books, HIDDEN IN BLANK pages,

Or Hallucinations of a lonely heart, “ By Jayson W

These are my favorite lines when describing love -well known, experienced by many and adored by a few. What is so complicated about these inner feelings? Is it possible that someone could master the art of love and be able to help others in solving love issues? Mine is a good guess, just like yours. But I can’t give someone time to solve my love life.

I have tried to find a long lasting solution for my love problems, not good but trying anyway! Love counselors are there but trust me, most of them have no idea what love is, and they only look for limitations that could be the cause of relationship hurdle.

 Try this or that, something that you have already tried and never worked. Or worse, ‘share more time and work together’, I call this nice approach to a downfall in a relationship. It won’t work, in fact this time together can result into a fight, anger etc.” Anonymous man lamented.

A stressful relationship starts showing dark signs during the first stages. It is very unfortunate that during this crucial period, love blindness covers dark marks left behind by true human characters. By the time one starts realizing the devil side of an angel, time has moved on swiftly that only regrettable trace-marks are noticeable as the damage stays intact to hound one for life.

The better part is that dialogue still wins a faint heart.

Showing love where non exist, caring for the monster created by love back-lash,  talking about those good old day –pictures, videos, and love stories you shared together when love was blind, can turn up things into normal. Even though sometimes the second party maybe hard to change mind, it is worth a try and it costs nothing.

Love hurts, that a must know. Nonetheless, a mountain can be leveled, so do love relationships.  Unless one opts for better greener pasture somewhere else, there is always hope for a better day. The main reason most couples stays together even though through ups and downs –personal differences.

Hopeful For a Better Tomorrow

English: Statue of Dedan Kimathi in Nairobi, K...
English: Statue of Dedan Kimathi in Nairobi, Kenya. Dedan Kimathi Waciuri (truly, Kimathi wa Waciuri), Field Marshal, (October 31, 1920 – February 18, 1957) was a Kenyan rebel leader who fought against British colonization in Kenya in the 1950s. He was convicted and executed by the British colonial government. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The future of Kenya is so bright, but it comes with a condition: living in harmony, violence less, mutual coexistence, love for humankind etc. This condition is not hard to fulfil, it only needs to see the reality. Love for the nation or patriotism is all that is needed.

In past four years, we have been trying to fix the mess we made. Blame it on anything that comes your way, but keep in mind that politics has been and will continue being a dirty game in our country.

Before concluding that you have little you can do for change, have a clear conscience towards other people, we all fall in a similar group that comprise of the hassler. In this huge group, we have destroyers of common interest and those who abide by mutual inter community relationship. Where do you want to be? You have a choice to make; however, you choice should be determined by love for humanity rather than racism.

One thing is so clear, that we have a beautiful country. The soul of this nation is buried in each and everyone residing in Kenya -both indigenous group and foreigners. Nevertheless, the people should have one voice, a cry for change from minority rule to majority way.

Of course, we are not talking about mass action. We do remember what is did, do we? A quick flash back could answer that.