Morgue Blamed Over The Missing Twin Babies

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An inquiry has been forced to check the conduct of the Kenya’s largest Maternity Hospital, Pumwani, after the disappearance of twins last month.

Allegedly, a female patient delivered twins in the hospital but it later emerged that her babies died under mysterious circumstances. Read more

When something cray like this happens, we go on blaming whatever the institution in place  but we forget to go down in crass root to identify those in connection and let the law take its course.

Funny how life seems meaningless for some people!


When Love Turns Scum!

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The quicker i became aware of the love scum, the

better I treated the ‘scummer’ from digging in my

love garden.

It all started when I was a little kid who knew nothing about love

that was when naivety was my bride and love was the second

party that came along.

She was nice but untouchable, hot but with a faint heart and

lovable by her sly nature 😦

She touched my heart with pretense and showed me the way

to bigger worthless life. I loved that desperate moment

even when I knew I was not in her heart.

Oops! The day came when I told her that it was not

worth it to keep lying to myself that all will be well. I

told her to look for love somewhere else and I left.

As expected, she turned and walked away smiling broadly

like a new bright star! 🙂

Your Inner Positive Drive is Your Key To Success

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Your Inner Positive Drive is Your Key To Success.

It’s obvious for people to think that being educated is the key to a successful future but from this lady’s bright future, you will tend to think otherwise. In her case, she didn’t get an opportunity to go through any formal education but this did not deter her from following her passion of being a leader and her strong inner drive of desiring to lead others to success.


Music and It’s Impact In Our Life

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Music and It’s Impact In Our Life.

What is music?

Music is an art of arranging the sounds of voices or instruments or both in companionship.

Music is and will always be part of our everyday life and different music is meant for a certain audience. There is music meant for the youth, older generation, politicians and may be children.

Music composed can be of gospel, political or of entertaining nature….

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going.

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…For eyes and mind only!

Today is a beautiful day, the sky looks promising and the environments looks wonderful for eyes only. The weather is not that bad, even though it is cold in Nairobi. Anyway, that is not the reason I am writing to you.

We have come a long way, brothers and sister, we have traveled on a dark, dusty, bumpy route to this day today. We have struggled with our load that seems to heavy for most of us, yet we have made it this far.

With a spirit of ‘No Surrender’, the world can still bear witness for our unending a little more. United for one goal, surviving on one accord while embracing little we have in common.

Nowadays, it is not about who you know or what you do, it is all about being alive and utilizing whatever little or small you have for tomorrows mystery.

For tomorrow, for the sake of our loved ones, for understanding our shared commons or differences. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Oops! It is a Sunday!


With Empty Stomach, Patience Can’t exist

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Should the president lead by example? This morning, I had a lengthy conversation with an active political activist . It was through this, that he said “..we tried to convince the president to cut his own salary so that other civil servants can follow suit. So unfortunate that he refused to listen to our advice. After the teachers, nurses are going on strike too …”

Anyone can see that the country is leaning on a weak pillar. It needs people’s support and adherence to the ruling government, thereby helping people in Kenya’s steering board to realize they have to work even harder to give back to the people.

Leading By Example:

In this unsteady economic time, Kenya is in the hands of those who value it the most. Those who are ready to sacrifice little they have to see the country moving forward. This does not mean trying extra hard, just a vision for tomorrow is what I mean.

The president once said, “… wait until the economy starts growing in double digits … by then, your salaries will be increased to even a hundred percent if you want.” So optimistic if you ask me. But how long will it take for him to realize this dreams? 

In my view, the presidents has all the privileges the nation can offer… all he needs is just  a snap of his fingers and whatever he wants is done.  Does he need that huge salary? Of course not. if he cuts some for public development, people will be happy and those planning to go on strike will have to think twice before going ahead with their salaries increment push.

Double Digit Economic Growth:

With fresh hurdles coming up very often, one wonders when will this happen. Being optimistic about economic issue is one thing that is killing Kenya’s need to forge forward.

The economic pendulum was once making a huge sweep with so many sources of revenue, more money in people’s hands and in savings. But nowadays, it seems there is no power to keep the pendulum swinging. In fact, it is going to stop if leadership keeps on relying on wind -empty talks and doing so little.

Patience is a good virtue, it enlightens one’s mind and reminds the person of a certain unfulfilled promise. However, it also need time. Nonetheless, an empty stomach attributes to every move a person can make. With it, patience can’t exist.

Voices In Hushed Sounds

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Listen to the people voices; they can not be wrong if they anonymously speak on the same language. There must be something really going out of order or bothering them for people to react in such a manner.

Smooth flow of life is being interrupted, as people’s sweat draining down the limbo as the government -which is entitled to safeguard citizens’ privileges- wages war against the people. What about hitting on anyone whose head appears above the rest?

They say we have freedom of expression! Yet to see one put into action. Threats from government officials speak even louder that ordinary say.

Have your say Kenya!