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Kenyans Disapprove Government Games, Time to be Productive.

In real life, when the honeymoon is over, couples should start thinking of how they intend to unite the extended family, putting in mind that they (newly weds) too need to have something productive for themselves and those who depends on them.

Though in some families like ours, extended family members comes in with demands – in others times trying to remind the newly weds that fun time is over- even before reaching the climax.

Well, the above introduction is just a mere subject in reference to Kenya’s politics and leadership. Now that we have a new president in office, I think we have given them enough time to celebrate their win. Kenyans have been patiently waiting for them to implement what they promised in their memorandum, but is seems our new leaders are still in honeymoon hangover.

Who is fooling who?

Being in office for about 3 months ,plus some countable days, president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William S. Ruto have made several trips both inside and outside the continent


in what Kenyans only understand as ‘Business Trips’ but nothing significant has come by.

So far, a good physical dent has been made in tax-payers’ patched up pocket, but still no one in high table is bold enough to say the truth about it. Whatever how quiet they may be, Kenyans can see that these were those moments of celebrating their presidential win… as Kenyans could say, “honeymoon pap!” or another common one, “Kujienjoy nayo!”

Time to Act:

Finally, responsibilities for

the extended family have started mounting up. Having inherited

an empire, it doesn’t matter how rich or poor it may be. The first and very important priority is to try and fulfill the promises passed by your predecessors. In this case, the Jubilee govern
ment should try to negotiate through previous deals that former regimes made with civil servants instead of brushing them aside. In fact, trying to force striking workers back to work makes the situation even worse.

Striking civil servants should be guided not threatened. Teachers for instance do not belong on the streets; they belong to that special place designed for those who want to be the leaders of tomorrow. In my simple but accurate guess, even those threatening our teachers have been classroom guests once in their lifetime.

Does it seem so amusing to see children crying because they are not being taught? Oh, the secretary to the ministry of labor has already forgotten why some children committed suicide after failing to attain their targeted mark.

A promise is a debt -and always will be unless it is modified further. In my understanding, the government is acting as if it does not recognize former Kenyan leadership and the effort they made to restore normalcy in public sector.

Unwise spending:

The issue of spending Ksh53 billion on laptops for standard one pupils in public primary schools will always raise a question, why? Right now, we have teachers who have downed their tools, youth unemployment issue that is hindering national economic growth, agricultural sector that needs fully government participation to escape food insecurity and much more important initiatives that lies unexploited.

Another thing that is angering the public is building an office for the immediate former president which will cost taxpayers Ksh700 million hard cash. Whatever the case, this should come as the last priority, that amount of money could employ a good number of youths even in temporary basis. What about that?

Furthermore, why did the government use Ksh40 million to deport a suspected Nigerian drug dealer, Anthony Chinedu?  What a treat for the convict? Damn! I hate this. This money should have been used for irrigation somewhere in arid areas to boost the country’s food production.

So sad that I don’t know how much amount of money has been set aside for renovations of government offices. Oh yes! Even the new ones are on the list too. By the way, Jubilee government did not mention these during their campaign.


For a happy nation, mitoto yangu story should lead us into doing something productive for the communities living in regions prone to natural disasters. Though we are being urged to support the president, I think he has a duty to show good leadership skills before following suit, lest we drown in his nyayo.

Lastly, to all my people –Kenyans, I urge you to respect the president and shape his will for you and for me and for the entire generations.

I love Kenya I hate evil!

Photo credit: nairobidigest.co.ke


Illuminati Politics: Is Your Leader Clean and Holy?

In recent weeks, media houses were on fire about a new trend in town, Illuminati thing, in Kenya’s music industry. Although those mentioned denied these allegations, the public eye was opened an could see how far this practice has penetrated our country. Let us look into this matter a little bid further!

For some music artists, they claim to have acquired their finger signs from world’s greatest musicians. However, we all understand how it is difficult for an underground musician to rise within a short time and boom! A millionaire.   That is not how it is done, people move gradually in economic social status, and sometimes it takes years so some to realize their dreams. Any unexplained riches raises eyebrows and that is how devil warship comes about.

There are so many theories explaining how Illuminati thing control people’s lives. The most common being Riches that goes hand in hand with Human Sacrifice.  They further explain that blood of a close friend, relative, close supporter or in other words, loved one’s blood is used in tying satanic bond.

We cannot say music industry is the only one affected my Illuminati infiltration. What about this thing we love the most- politics? Well, I can not proof this to be true, but I am sure you have noticed unexplained bloody occurrences  in recent months. Think of high level of road accidents, ethnic clashes, politically affiliated murders, etc, occurring just days to the country’s general elections. Can we trust our leaders, are they clean as they claim to be?

Anything associated with witch-doctors cannot turn out to be Holy. A local television station (NTV) aired a factual news about how our leaders are closely associated with witchcraft, to an extend that they can do anything to emerge as winners in political contests.

This is not the first time. In every election year, people lose their lives through ethnic clashes, 2007 being memorable, worst hit by nation wide bloodshed. It is reported that many people who were vying for different leadership opportunities had consulted witchdoctors for intervention, and the outcome left Kenyans crying  to God for intervention, which He did!

I hate Evil!

Value For Political Benefits Over Leadership

We have a problem; I think we have politicians but not real leaders. Look! We have been experiencing some kind of unrest in this country –violence in Eastleigh, Baragoi killer gang crackdown, Garissa military operations that has left the town vandalized with property of unknown value damaged. However, we are yet to see elected leaders going to the affected areas to give support to the people, or just a simple presence to show the people how closely their leader is monitoring the situation.

“If this is what democracy is all about, then I wish we did not have this system of governance. What is the benefit of choosing a leader who values only the benefits of leadership while forgetting duties involved? We are still very far from real democratic rights, although we still enjoy virtual benefits only when we elect a caring politician” –leader.

image: area254.com


In democracy world, a leader is always a symbol on unity among the people. The person is expected to be free from tribalism, racism or nepotism. Here in Kenya, how many times have we seen elected people’s servants running for tribal cover when in trouble? You know what; they use people’s weaknesses for their own advantage and they always make sure tribalism does not cease from minds of the people.

Our political masterminds use political parties as their regional affiliation cover. Even though we have Political Parties Act that deters formation of region-affiliated parties, they know all the weakness of the Act and they know how to infringe this law without causing ripples.

I guess a leader should not worry too much about joining which party and at what time to ditch a certain party for the other. A good people’s servant should be sure of being nominated in whichever political party of choice. This is what we lack in current Kenya. Party hopping denies people an opportunity to choose a leader, at the end; a strong political party takes a sweep currying the good and the ugly side of democracy, that only comes to reality after elections.

By doing this, they make sure a voter has no option but to vote for party nominees instead of having a choice between individuals from different political parties. This brings up the difference between politicians and leaders.