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Morgue Blamed Over The Missing Twin Babies

An inquiry has been forced to check the conduct of the Kenya’s largest Maternity Hospital, Pumwani, after the disappearance of twins last month.

Allegedly, a female patient delivered twins in the hospital but it later emerged that her babies died under mysterious circumstances. Read more

When something cray like this happens, we go on blaming whatever the institution in place  but we forget to go down in crass root to identify those in connection and let the law take its course.

Funny how life seems meaningless for some people!


How Kenyans Remains United until Politics Do Them Part!

How Kenyans Remains United until Politics Do Them Part!.

I like it that I was born in Kenya, taught to be a patriot and urged to love everyone who comes in my way. In fact, the journey through all the pillars of love was not easy. My mum beat me up, teachers had a quality time on my butt, and lastly the society was so harsh on anyone who went contrary to what it expected from their youngsters. That way, I was given a pass into the world that knows no one. What I Came To Learn What I never knew was that almost everyone was passing through the same….

Are You Enjoying Your Freedom?

Life is at stake! That is the only explanation of the situation that surrounds a common citizen like me and others who likes being in the crowd, especially during prayers, festivities and recreational activities.

Being vigilant to your surrounding is one thing, but living in fear is another thing that a free citizen should not have to go through while one is out there. But do we have a choice here? I doubt that we can do anything about it.

With terrorists on rampage, the world has thinned to one on his or her own and nothing like trusting a stranger or having an untrustworthy friend. This is because, you never know who is your real enemy until the person turn against your.

What happened to communal policing? I hope we should try this if we haven’t attempted yet.

Why Kenya Should Think Well Before Military Action In South Sudan

The time the president of the republic of Kenya will send his troops to South Sudan will mark a new change in relationship between Kenya and her closest ally Uganda. Both countries have been struggling to flex their muscles in East Africa and this rivalry between them have shown some loose ends which I think will spill over-board if they meet in battle field again.

The game of ‘Who is Mighty’ started when Kenyan troops crossed into Somalia to secure those regions that were seen as a threat to Kenya’s national security.

Kenya’s First Win

Ugandan Defense forces which had staged a buffer zone in the war-torn country were not ready for this change. The Ugandan Army General even termed Kenya’s incursion in Somalia as ‘failed move.’ But they were surprise to see Al-Shabaab go down on Kenyan Defense Forces.

Kenya scored huge against her close rival. However, the game of wits has now shifted to another country which is close to Kenya even more that how it is for Uganda.

If you remember very well, the deal of South Sudan’s separation from Sudan was signed in Kenya –even the flag of their country has big likeness to that of Kenya’s. But when the conflicts started in this newest country in Africa, Uganda was the first Nation to send its troops as peace keeping forces in South Sudan. Now, do not ask me reasons why.

The Migingo Factor

If we look back, we find that Uganda has been touching on Kenya’s wounds for a while, but since our presidents are clever enough not to engage in military action against its neighbor, nothing big has been done. The demarcation of the boundary between Kenya and Uganda to determine the real owners of Migingo Island was staled when Ugandan side pulled out citing inaccuracy of the tools that were being used. It takes a third eye to see the reality: in my view, this was not what the neighbor expected and thus a waste of time.

This is a delicate case that the president should think twice before making a military move in S. Sudan because, someone would take this advantage to revenge on what he lost in Somalia.

Friendly Fires

We now know that Uganda is on the front line to oust the rebels which are holding key towns in S. Sudan. If they become successful in neutralizing the threat, they will take fist credit in their effort to quell violence in its neighbors. Any threat to loosing this chance will not be taken lightly.

I what I see, if Kenya Defense Forces cross the border to S. Sudan to fight alongside the government forces and their ally neighbor, the success of eliminating the rebels will be shared equally, and this will not go well with the pioneers in peace keeping in that Eastern Africa state. This might result in friendly fires against Kenya Army hence creating enmity between the two ‘friends’.

Okay, I welcome every kind of criticism…

An Unhappy Kenyan

Being a citizen of a given nation is a privilege. It gives one a sense of belonging and protection from both internal and external aggression.

I am a Kenyan and I love my country. Though we have our own ups and downs in politics and misunderstandings in ethnic lines, we always come together as one when faced with a common threat.

One thing I worry is politics. Politics is the source of every evil in Kenya. The leaders, as we call them, have always played dirty tricks with people’s minds resulting in divisions and troubles amongst the tribes.

With our dwindling economy, majority of us are working extra harder to put some meals on the table. But that is not all,  the cost of living is sky-rocketing forcing some investor to relocate to favorable countries.

With politics being the daily subject by people we elected to lead our green nation, we only remain hopeful that the president will come out of the ‘rich cocoon’ and face the reality, see the faces of people who elected him in democratic process.

What Really Happened In Westgate Shopping Mall!

Westgate Shopping Mall
Westgate Shopping Mall (Photo credit: Eunheui)

I have spend some time thinking about Westgate Shopping Mall terrorism attack. I don’t know how it happened, but some clues leads to something even bigger than what we saw and heard in media.

The big question is, was it real terrorism or was it something else? A point to note here is how our men in uniform responded for that call. Even though the whole public believes in what they saw, some events during the four day siege went contrary to what was expected from our security forces.

Preventable Yet It Happened:

During that dark moments in our country, it emerged that the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) team knew exactly what was going to happen to the Mall, but they did nothing to safeguard the Shopping Complex against terrorism Attack. Why? This only leaves big guesses. Only the NSIS personnel can give us a good reason. And if they fail to, then we are have to think outside the box of the whole incident.

The Conspiracy Theory:

Questions after questions were asked, but unfortunately, no government official has come out to give answers to the general public. Most of us needed to know the truth so badly, yet Siri Kali (Big Secret) played its game well and up to now no one -except a few individuals – knows what was happening in the death Mall.

What Really Happened?

Lets say a few powerful hands wanted to extra a classified document in Westgate Shopping Mall, preferably a sensitive document that could have incriminated some powerful people in the government. The main target was the Barclay Bank where the document was hidden. But they could not just walk in and ask for it behind the owners knowledge. That is why they chose to cause terror in orders to have time to extract the documents or to destroy the thing if they had no other choice.

To be Continued…..