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Why Kenya Should Think Well Before Military Action In South Sudan

The time the president of the republic of Kenya will send his troops to South Sudan will mark a new change in relationship between Kenya and her closest ally Uganda. Both countries have been struggling to flex their muscles in East Africa and this rivalry between them have shown some loose ends which I think will spill over-board if they meet in battle field again.

The game of ‘Who is Mighty’ started when Kenyan troops crossed into Somalia to secure those regions that were seen as a threat to Kenya’s national security.

Kenya’s First Win

Ugandan Defense forces which had staged a buffer zone in the war-torn country were not ready for this change. The Ugandan Army General even termed Kenya’s incursion in Somalia as ‘failed move.’ But they were surprise to see Al-Shabaab go down on Kenyan Defense Forces.

Kenya scored huge against her close rival. However, the game of wits has now shifted to another country which is close to Kenya even more that how it is for Uganda.

If you remember very well, the deal of South Sudan’s separation from Sudan was signed in Kenya –even the flag of their country has big likeness to that of Kenya’s. But when the conflicts started in this newest country in Africa, Uganda was the first Nation to send its troops as peace keeping forces in South Sudan. Now, do not ask me reasons why.

The Migingo Factor

If we look back, we find that Uganda has been touching on Kenya’s wounds for a while, but since our presidents are clever enough not to engage in military action against its neighbor, nothing big has been done. The demarcation of the boundary between Kenya and Uganda to determine the real owners of Migingo Island was staled when Ugandan side pulled out citing inaccuracy of the tools that were being used. It takes a third eye to see the reality: in my view, this was not what the neighbor expected and thus a waste of time.

This is a delicate case that the president should think twice before making a military move in S. Sudan because, someone would take this advantage to revenge on what he lost in Somalia.

Friendly Fires

We now know that Uganda is on the front line to oust the rebels which are holding key towns in S. Sudan. If they become successful in neutralizing the threat, they will take fist credit in their effort to quell violence in its neighbors. Any threat to loosing this chance will not be taken lightly.

I what I see, if Kenya Defense Forces cross the border to S. Sudan to fight alongside the government forces and their ally neighbor, the success of eliminating the rebels will be shared equally, and this will not go well with the pioneers in peace keeping in that Eastern Africa state. This might result in friendly fires against Kenya Army hence creating enmity between the two ‘friends’.

Okay, I welcome every kind of criticism…


Kenya In Obama’s Point Of View

In our life, no one is perfect. We try so hard to maintain our clean side of our dirty nature even though with struggles and hardships.

I have to agree that Kenya is dirty, but there are other things that the East African country is doing for the benefit of the international community.

For example, Kenya has been in the forefront in fight against terrorism. This is one perfect reason why it allowed Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) armed incursion in Somalia that  led to peaceful coexistence in Somalia Southern city Kismayu and other regions.

Kenya has also been actively committed is hosting two of the world’s biggest refugee camps for Somalia, Sudan, and Ethiopia refugees. And it was here that Southern Sudan got it pre-independence from Sudan.

Kenya Under US Microscope:

The unfortunate decision by US President Barrack Obama to skip Kenya in his visit to Africa signifies something negatively huge between Kenya and the US.

In African point of view, disowning your father -because he is dirty- is a serious sin and always carries a curse. A good example being a former MP’s son who disowned his look-a-like father in public, later rejected by the voters in last general election.

It is very open that Obama skipped Kenya because he didn’t want to get associated with a ‘dirty’  East African country. The recently leaked NSA intelligence documents indicated that Kenya was among the intensively watched countries, the likes of Somalia and Syria. The question is why?

Every nation has its own weaknesses. Democratically, Kenya is very far from the targeted virtual point. And yes! The country is trying to reach there, continue being the peace hub of Africa. Kenya deserves respect for that!

High expectations turned sour:

How Kenyans appreciated a message that the US president relayed to the people just before March election! It was one of the best positive messages that the majority took in without questions… A nice one from the big brother.

What changed then? Everything changed when President Uhuru Kenyatta was elected in office in previous highly contested general election. Of course, Mr. Odinga was the favorite for the West, and this did not go well with the high office in the US -Unforgivable to the people of Kenya.

How US rate Kenya:

We have a saying that goes “Don’t hate the kid for what it says, see beyond its words.” So when an American Magazine rated Kenya as one of the most UNSTABLE countries, we should look beyond that, and who do we see saying these words?

If Barrack Obama loves Kenya dearly as they say he does, then why hate the innocent majority?  Oops! A tale of disowning the dirty father.

Baragoi Attacks: Bandits On Rampage Again

Its barely two months since the first attack in Baragoi -Suguta Valley that left 42 policemen dead. Yesterday, the same heavily armed bandits attacked Masikita village and made away with about a thousand goats and four thousand heads of cattle.

According to the villagers, the bandits had general purpose machine-gun, hand grenades and other powerful weapons suspected to be those stolen from slain police officers in November attack.

On ground, sources are reporting of high tension that has forced Masikita residents to seek refuge in Baragoi town following threats of return attack from the killer gang.

Last month, the members of the parliament were unanimous against the government’s proposal to deploy Kenya Armed Forces in the area. Now residents fear that they are vulnerable to more attacks, and that they have been left defenseless after disarmament exercise that was conducted in previous months.

source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/?articleID=2000073487&story_title=Baragoi-suffers-fresh-attack

Suguta Valley -Fleeing Bandits’ Threats

Airstrike not possible in Baragoi Valley? What is lie! This is a move to avoid civilian casualty or just to make the Killer gang feel powerful in presence of security personnel. Just a reminder. Kenya’s Media earlier reported of the same group using women and children as human shield, to add on this Kenya Military has experience in such like warfare. Something is missing here!

Gang threats that they will shoot down fighter planes pursuing them in death valley is like adding an insult to an already wounded and angry Thanator (an imaginary creature in Avatar Movie).

Thanator: image from san-sci blog.


This gang of lawless Morans as we know are heavily armed, but their firepower is not that powerful to threaten KDF (Kenya Defense Forces) Air-force in tracking and taking them out.

According to Daily Nation, peace negotiations between two rival communities in the region are still underway as elders in both sides urging the Morans to return stolen livestock. This comes when ground forces consisting of regular police and GSU (General Service Unit) are still combing the Suguta valley to recover  Anti-Stock Theft officer Gucha Woche’s body which is still missing.

This operation is being conducted to rid off the Killer gang that massacred about 42 police officers.

Daily Nation Photo