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Kenyans Disapprove Government Games, Time to be Productive.

In real life, when the honeymoon is over, couples should start thinking of how they intend to unite the extended family, putting in mind that they (newly weds) too need to have something productive for themselves and those who depends on them.

Though in some families like ours, extended family members comes in with demands – in others times trying to remind the newly weds that fun time is over- even before reaching the climax.

Well, the above introduction is just a mere subject in reference to Kenya’s politics and leadership. Now that we have a new president in office, I think we have given them enough time to celebrate their win. Kenyans have been patiently waiting for them to implement what they promised in their memorandum, but is seems our new leaders are still in honeymoon hangover.

Who is fooling who?

Being in office for about 3 months ,plus some countable days, president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William S. Ruto have made several trips both inside and outside the continent


in what Kenyans only understand as ‘Business Trips’ but nothing significant has come by.

So far, a good physical dent has been made in tax-payers’ patched up pocket, but still no one in high table is bold enough to say the truth about it. Whatever how quiet they may be, Kenyans can see that these were those moments of celebrating their presidential win… as Kenyans could say, “honeymoon pap!” or another common one, “Kujienjoy nayo!”

Time to Act:

Finally, responsibilities for

the extended family have started mounting up. Having inherited

an empire, it doesn’t matter how rich or poor it may be. The first and very important priority is to try and fulfill the promises passed by your predecessors. In this case, the Jubilee govern
ment should try to negotiate through previous deals that former regimes made with civil servants instead of brushing them aside. In fact, trying to force striking workers back to work makes the situation even worse.

Striking civil servants should be guided not threatened. Teachers for instance do not belong on the streets; they belong to that special place designed for those who want to be the leaders of tomorrow. In my simple but accurate guess, even those threatening our teachers have been classroom guests once in their lifetime.

Does it seem so amusing to see children crying because they are not being taught? Oh, the secretary to the ministry of labor has already forgotten why some children committed suicide after failing to attain their targeted mark.

A promise is a debt -and always will be unless it is modified further. In my understanding, the government is acting as if it does not recognize former Kenyan leadership and the effort they made to restore normalcy in public sector.

Unwise spending:

The issue of spending Ksh53 billion on laptops for standard one pupils in public primary schools will always raise a question, why? Right now, we have teachers who have downed their tools, youth unemployment issue that is hindering national economic growth, agricultural sector that needs fully government participation to escape food insecurity and much more important initiatives that lies unexploited.

Another thing that is angering the public is building an office for the immediate former president which will cost taxpayers Ksh700 million hard cash. Whatever the case, this should come as the last priority, that amount of money could employ a good number of youths even in temporary basis. What about that?

Furthermore, why did the government use Ksh40 million to deport a suspected Nigerian drug dealer, Anthony Chinedu?  What a treat for the convict? Damn! I hate this. This money should have been used for irrigation somewhere in arid areas to boost the country’s food production.

So sad that I don’t know how much amount of money has been set aside for renovations of government offices. Oh yes! Even the new ones are on the list too. By the way, Jubilee government did not mention these during their campaign.


For a happy nation, mitoto yangu story should lead us into doing something productive for the communities living in regions prone to natural disasters. Though we are being urged to support the president, I think he has a duty to show good leadership skills before following suit, lest we drown in his nyayo.

Lastly, to all my people –Kenyans, I urge you to respect the president and shape his will for you and for me and for the entire generations.

I love Kenya I hate evil!

Photo credit: nairobidigest.co.ke


Hypocritical Presidential Bid

I have been studying political trends in Kenya, following closely as aspirants use their time and resources in quest for support. I wish to differ with most Kenyans who support Amani coalition presidential candidate in his bid for the top seat. I have my reason to believe he is running on someone’s promise.

Even though he has publicly declared he is no one’s pawn, he still has long strings attached on his arms, mouth and mind. This is not the first time for something like this to happen; we had such like political game in 2007 when Orange Democratic Movement Kenya (ODM-K) presidential candidate took the lead role in political hypocrisy that later ended up in bloodshed.

First is his campaign strategy. Being a presidential candidate, an aspirant is expected to travel all over Kenya; more so, in regions he has little influence. Contrary to people’s expectations, Mr. Mudavadi spends much of his time in Western Kenya –a region he enjoys about 50% of support.

Secondly, his choice for a running mate raises eyebrows. It is rather absurd to nominate someone based on his background. The only reason for choosing Eugine Wamalwa as his running mate could be to gain more influence in Bungoma County – a densely populated region in Western Kenya-, other than his policies for Kenya.

Further more, the region was once an ODM stronghold, but it is going to be a battle ground between Amani and CORD alliances coming March 4th general election. By dividing western votes, he knows that a third party alliance would have high chances of closing in the gap and hence nothing to lose.

According to recent opinion polls released by Infotrak, he comes third in presidential bid ranking; this is the best position for any kingmaker- having the power to decide who will be the next Kenya’s president.

Could he be on Jubilee Alliance payroll? By now we have no idea, but this political jig-saw puzzle will be solved soon –just after March 4th. I hope we would not be surprised to find him in public office if the plan works as expected.

If my judgment is right, the biggest loss goes to CORD alliance. Despite the fact that Raila Odinga was endorsed by Western Kenya elders as the favorite candidate, he has a mountain to climb to attain the kind of support he once received in 2007.


UhuRuto Team, Not Ready For Presidential Post

Debates are on! Whether Gatundu legislature Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta should vie for Kenya’s top government post or sit back and wait for the outcome of the ICC ruling. I just don’t know how to judge his motive for the nation, is he a true reformer? Maybe yes! Maybe No! But something for sure is there will be consequences if he emerges the winner in this forth coming general elections.

If you can remember, he together with his counterpart -the VP of Jubilee alliance and also a Hague victim, Hon. Ruto- spearheaded the campaign for Kenya to withdraw from Rome statute which host the ICC. This was a tip of the major plans if they make the next government.

Here is the trap!

“According to Article 127 on Withdrawal, The Rome Statute, like many international treaties, lays out a procedure for withdrawal. If a State Party wishes to withdraw from the Statute, it must notify the UN Secretary General inwriting. The withdrawal takes effect, at earliest, one year after the date of notification.
“• Withdrawal by a State will not remove any of its obligations that arose from the Statute while it
was a Party to it up to the date on which the withdrawal became effective. Therefore, the State
is still under an obligation to cooperate with the Prosecutor and the Court in connection with
any criminal investigations and proceedings that commenced prior to the date on which the
withdrawal became effective. Consequently, should Kenya withdraw from the Rome Statute, it
would still be under the obligation to cooperate with the Court in relation to criminal
investigations and proceedings initiated by the ICC before the withdrawal date, including the
cases in relation to which the ICC Prosecutor has recently requested summons to appear.
“• Withdrawal does not suspend an investigation or judicial proceedings that commenced prior to
the date on which the withdrawal became effective. Kenya’s withdrawal from the Statute
would, therefore, have no impact whatsoever on the cases related to the persons for whom
summons to appear have recently been requested. Kenya would still be under the obligation toarrest any persons in these cases for whom the Chamber issues arrest warrants. Those persons would also be arrested if they travel abroad.* * *” (Fact  sheet: http://www.iss.org.za/uploads/CICC_Factsheet_ICCWithdrawal_Africa.pdf )

There is no walk-away from ICC, Uhuru and Ruto will only be freed by ICC’s final ruling.

Even though the two have shown good response to ICC, I wonder if they would do the same if they had Kenya’s power in their hands. It would not be easy running the country and paying attention to International court calls.  This could bring in problems for Kenya as a whole.

By now, the country is slowly emerging from last year’s recession, it would be the worst thing if it gets slapped with international economic sanctions.  Five year-term is not an easy go!


Uhuru in the Spotlight

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru KenyattaAs a side watcher, I have been following Jubilee alliance rankles very closely -even though in hushed tone. First, I wish to congratulate Mr. Kenyatta for helping Kenyans know who Mr. Mudavadi is, however, I have to note that something emerged that I will point out later.

I believe in myths, those simple matters that draws people’s attention and leave the public in dismay. That is my choice -my favorite base to explore the nook and crony of a scene.

I have to admit that I like Uhuru for his generous heart, for being ready to relinquish power in favor of Mr. Mudavadi. Though he denied, his right-wing, Hon. Ruto hinted of such agreement on a live T.v show.
If two people say almost or similar subject matter, then I have my conclusions. Mostly true! But a politician is always an escapist, its hard to pin one in a tight corner.

By now, I have a thing that is forcing me a agree with my mind that Mr Kenyatta is running his own race. Damn! I think that is a lie. If you care so much about political speeches and people behind them, then you have already discovered what his dream is. Uhuru is the son of his father -Mzee Jomo.  Jomo left a legacy that his son wants to build his leadership base on. That is the reason it is rare, if any, for him to complete his long speech without his favorite words ‘kama vile baba yangu…’ (just like my father..)

This is my stand on Uhuru’s political career.

He wants to be a good leader, to make a country grow economically just like the time of his father. He indents to leave a legacy -praises for being a good leader. He wants a happy Kenya just like the days of his father. Bring unity in every corner of the republic etc. In other words, he wants a common good for Kenya. Nevertheless, he is facing charges in an international criminal court. This is how M. Mudavadi came in!

The night meeting occurred, for sure it did! Just don’t ask me how I knew it.  Musalia was the only exit route for Uhuru, and I think he planned this very well without anyone’s consent -not even his close allies. The deal they signed was genuine -no ghosts was involved or whatever evil power he jumped to when he came under fire from the party delegates-, and that agreement made him exhale burdens of being hopeful flag-bearer for Jubilee alliance to someone expendable.

Why he did this!

This Kenyan guy is so calculating that he could see the future of Kenya with him as a president. First, do you remember what ‘ghosts’ told him? If not, let me remind you. He said that people in high places forced him to step down for Musalia because if he does become the president, the country will face international trade sanctions, he will face international travel ban, and the whole national will suffer in his hand. That is too much for him. His father’s legacy will be ruined and he do not want that to happen.

As a good man, he likes listening to the voice of the majority. The party delegates ruined his plans, and now he is going the hard way. Who knows what he will do in future to make sure he does not emerge the winner?

I rest. But a question is, what if he becomes the president after March general election? And in a blink of fate, he faces his worst fear, what would he do to save the country from draining into another Zimbabwe?