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An Unhappy Kenyan

Being a citizen of a given nation is a privilege. It gives one a sense of belonging and protection from both internal and external aggression.

I am a Kenyan and I love my country. Though we have our own ups and downs in politics and misunderstandings in ethnic lines, we always come together as one when faced with a common threat.

One thing I worry is politics. Politics is the source of every evil in Kenya. The leaders, as we call them, have always played dirty tricks with people’s minds resulting in divisions and troubles amongst the tribes.

With our dwindling economy, majority of us are working extra harder to put some meals on the table. But that is not all,  the cost of living is sky-rocketing forcing some investor to relocate to favorable countries.

With politics being the daily subject by people we elected to lead our green nation, we only remain hopeful that the president will come out of the ‘rich cocoon’ and face the reality, see the faces of people who elected him in democratic process.


How do Inter-community Relationships Survive for Long?

Some weeks back, someone requested for an article about inter-community love-life and marriages, what needs to be done to make such relationships long lasting, and how to cope with tribalism.

Even though, I have first hand experience in this kind of lifestyle, I found it hard to explain in simple words just to convince the public on need to have such relationships and if possible, marriage.

In our country, we grow up with stereotypes about certain communities. In most cases, we never even have a single example to justify our fears but our minds cannot not think otherwise. Or worse, repeating one occurrence for generations to inflict more disdain for a given community.

We have this saying that a wise person learns from other people’s experiences but a fool looks forward to learn the hard way. In love-life however, the reverse is true! Shying away from someone you love on grounds of ethnic differences is such a folly move.

Every relationship has its own dark side. In fact you should expect this from any strangers living under one roof. But the power of communication is the sincerest way to solve impending issues. Keep quiet about simple matters and you will cry at the long run.

Okay let us focus our minds on an issue at hand: inter-community relationship. First, how do you define your lover? This is a simple question that anyone trying to enter in this kind of relationship should be asking himself/herself.

 Allow you heart to judge fairly and do not allow your mind be driven by other people’s council. Seeing a ‘tribe’ in him or her is one big weakness that should be exterminated from your mind. Respect you heart, give it a chance to see what it wants in that secret person in your life. This way, you mind will be trained to accept your lover.

Are you ready to learn? Problems resulting from ethnic differences emerge only if one or both parties are reluctant to accept each other. These might be petty things like cooking, washing, or even eating habits. Be frank to one another, pretense always runs in circles. It would not take long before you forget and let you secret behavior take its course.

Another important thing is to give a blind eye and a deaf ear to what people see and say about your lover, especially if they target his or her ethnic background. Who knows their intentions! They might try to break a healthy relationship just for fun or to have another account of an inter-community relationship that never worked.

Anything I have left out, feel free to add. 

Kenyan Needs:A Fairy-tale Kind Of Life

Dressed up Maasai warriors
Kenya:  Maasai warriors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I lack a single word to define ‘Needs of a Kenyan‘. Imagine a situation where you are trying to bring together a group of people that seems so organized, of course you would not have much headache. Then out of nowhere, a tiny unfortunate event occurs and -once united group- is divided along hardcore greed, unshakable standings, and unreasonable hard-linings. What would you do to bring peace and harmony in such like group?

Understanding  them in different situations is easy, but dealing with them in such situations is like an obstacle that cannot be moved.  At particular time, Kenyans are so united and talking on one voice. Give them another minute and you will be surprised how divided they can be,  to an extend of cursing or doing evil to one another.

I believe that Kenyans are united in fighting closed-door evils in public offices. Social media has been their best choice for voicing their grievances and it had worked well. The President has done a great job, listening for the voice of the majority and has so far done us proud  by rejecting controversial bills that could have seen  greedy leaders looting from hard working Kenyans.

On reading people’s voices on Twitter and Facebook about insecurity in Kenya, I was impressed by their unity. A true spirit of ‘Kenyanism’ that we lack when handling important matters concerning Kenya as a country.

Another situation that do bring Kenyans together is a call for humanitarian assistance. Never have I seen Luhyas, Luos, Kambas, Kikuyus, Maasais, Nandis and other tribes taking part, have you? My opinion is ethnic tribes do not exist, but people do. The fact is, people have chosen fairy-tale kind of life over actual human life, forgetting that one lifestyle has a future and another is doomed to mislead but is short lived.

Politics has been in fore front in dividing Kenyans, the main reason why it is not easy to understand what a Kenyan want. This is the area that has drawn boundaries: put Kenyans into regional bundles and sealed their reasoning power-bargain for freedom.

It is not a surprise, bad leaders will have their way as good ones rest for their say in this coming general election (March 4th), because of regionally favored parties. For some, they would rather vote for a corrupt person for public office other than to elect a good leader running on a regionally despised political party. How unfortunate for a seemingly united Kenya?

I just wonder, what is this thing that Kenyans truly want?

Change We Need, Through Diplomacy

It is insane, beyond my understanding as to why some people do not see the meaning of life. Kenya has been a good country, with men, women and children who had one goal; that is peace. How did this dream change?

For years, the struggle has been on and off. People were optimistic about change they wanted so badly, but it became clear that nothing changes that easily. 

The optimum of this endless struggle reached peak point that no one had envisioned about. That is when it got out of hand resulting in mess we are now facing -lack of understanding, lawlessness, brutal killings and every kind of evil in our society.

However, we do have a more friendlier way to outsmart evil. In Kenya, we are fortunate to have so many literate people. Literacy is the only way for prosperous future, it conquers everything that is drawing us back -divisive politics, ethnicity, corruption etc. 

Sometimes I wonder how people reason out on matters related to security and national stability. I have my reasons for believing that we can make it through diplomacy no matter how worse the situation is. I advocate for peace and I stand for diplomacy in areas being affected by pre-election violence. 

How Corruption Was Introduced In Kenya

How a little of something (Corruption) spread
How a little of something (Corruption) was spread

Tribalism was introduced in Kenya during the second reign to manipulate the public and help the minority to remain in power –divide and rule. This practice was invented by high-ranking officials who did not want Kenyans to have one voice. They did it for power, without knowledge of the consequences thereafter.

Tribal hatred was cultivated and nurtured through unequal distribution of national resources and ethnic politics. As a result, the voice of the mighty crowd -Kenyans- was reduced to  a few courageous Kenyans who held on their stand for freedom of speech and expression.

The birth of multiparty gave light to a new beginning. With majority of people seeming so united, the government felt a pinch and formulated a new measure to counter the multiparty wave. Through Harambees, the government initiated fund-raising projects targeting only regions likely to fall into the trap. Close allies benefited much in this scheme, but rivalry among communities intensified. Marginalized regions carried the burden, with some bowing before the leaders for help.

Tough as it was, scramble for left-overs was, and still is going on with majority sweating for nothing. It became clear that struggling is the best way to survive, something which give rise to public looting and stashing public resources in foreign countries.

Corruption in public and private sector is just the effect of scramble for limited public resources. With no credible measures being taken to combat this evil-malpractice-, Kenyans have no choice but to hope for better leadership. The worst is, people vying for public posts have been involved or in one time mentioned in multimillion scums in the country.

The future for Kenya remains in darkness, recycling of corrupt leaders is like destiny. They have money to draw the crowd, they have a voice to promise heavens on Earth, they have power to use crass-root forces for their own benefits, and they have people who love them even though they are dirty. This is the reality, the reason Kenya’s fight of corruption will never be won in near future.

The easiest way to end these two vices: Corruption and Tribalism is to start from the root cause, which is, proper distribution of national resources. This could lead us to tackle to tribalism and then corruption will fade away they way it came in our society. Unfortunately, we have people in power who feels otherwise. They have an umbrella (tribal affiliation) to hide their evil practices.

Stability in Kenya- Prophecy In Words of Our Natinal Anthem

Great that we still have a functioning government, we have almost everything under our control. This is so special because we can use limited resources we have to rejuvenate national stability we enjoyed before.

Violence, riots and insecurity have fallen in our country for a reason we never know about. Maybe you and I remember when Kenyan troops invaded Somalia to end the reign of insurgents -alShabaab, the spokes man said his people would wage war within the country, make Nairobi chaotic and cause peace instability. Do you believe the insurgents are winning the battle against Kenya? Well, you might say ‘yes!’, but that is a wrong answer. We are to blame for everything that is happening here, and we have a solution for our problems. 

The Standard reports.


Nowadays our dimming happiness is driving the country into an abyss. We have made our minds to focus on non important things, in that we value ethnicity so much to see the reality for the  good of our country. 

For the country enjoying her young democracy, we must be careful how we use it, everything good has its bitter side, and misuse of political power could lead into a permanent damage that we should try to avoid at all cost.

We do not want Kenya to be a minisomalia, but we are not immune from becoming one. It all started by tribalism, as every tribe wanted leadership, then political assassinations that later turned into warlord-ism. They have payed a price for it and our intervention is bearing fruits in this war ravaged country. 

Its is time, not tomorrow, not a day later! That we find a true meaning of a song we know off head, the national anthem. As you say this poem, take a time to think of its words, you will realize the prophecy behind each verse, and it is only you and I who can stop the madness of tribalism, ethnicity and all evil that hound us.

I hate evil!