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How Kenyans Remains United until Politics Do Them Part!

How Kenyans Remains United until Politics Do Them Part!.

I like it that I was born in Kenya, taught to be a patriot and urged to love everyone who comes in my way. In fact, the journey through all the pillars of love was not easy. My mum beat me up, teachers had a quality time on my butt, and lastly the society was so harsh on anyone who went contrary to what it expected from their youngsters. That way, I was given a pass into the world that knows no one. What I Came To Learn What I never knew was that almost everyone was passing through the same….


IEBC Voter Register Open For 14 Days

Photographic Voters' Register Guide
Photographic Voters’ Register(Photo credit: peprice)

Today the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) will open up a voter register to allows registered voters to verify their particulars before the most anticipated first general election under the new constitution.


Unlike in previous voter verification exercises, Kenyans have only 14 days to clear with IEBC. This took into effect when the parliament amended a law allowing IEBC to open the voter register for two weeks instead of a month as indicated by Elections Act.


The IEBC CEO James Oswago yesterday confirmed that his team had finished compiling and verifying the register which had 14 million registered voters enrolled by December 19.



Divided By Unknown Fear.

English: Orthographic projection map of Kenya ...
English: Orthographic projection map of Kenya highlighted in green. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It appeared in Kenya‘s local dailies that foreign diplomats are ‘uncertain’ about the future of this country after the general election on March 4, 2013. They may be right or wrong, but who cares! We have to make it through this forth coming huddle. The country itself is nothing, however, people who live in the land that they call a country -state are ‘something’, and they have certain obligations for the growing nation.

As politics is shaping up the corners of our nation, we should be very careful on how we conduct ourselves,  not to irate one another in public campaigns and on election day.

I do not understand why we seems so divided, yet we work together in times of need. I was amazed the other day when people used a social site #Twitter to get their loved ones home safely when the public transport went on strike. I hope that this kind of togetherness should lead our ways of life.

We have been through a lot, basing our journey in a mist of unforgettable tale. There is one sure way to succeed, be happy once more as proudly Kenyans: True reconciliation.

Unity comes through inter-communal coexistence. We have no space for divisions and hatred. Politics is there to stay, but change comes in when people are ready to adapt another way of playing it. In fact, good politics should unite people, I am afraid to say we lack good politics in Kenya and this is what has been hounding us since the beginning of multiparty in the country.

Uphold peace and everything else will follow.