Prolific, An Interesting Site That Pays You For Working On Surveys

Do you work online and would like to get a new stream of easy cash? If your answer is ‘Yes!’ Then you are on the right track to discovering an easy way to earn some cash while you are busy doing other stuff on the internet.Here, what you need is a few minutes off from your tight schedule. The tasks are usually random and take only a few minutes to get completed. What is mostly needed is to refresh the window randomly.The easy money site is, a credible survey site that is run by Oxford Univesity, England. Check them on Twitter. And here is me talking about on TwitterWhy Prolific?The most amazing feature of Prolific survey site is their low payout threshold. They pay in UK Pounds (‎£), and one only need ‎£5 to hit the cashout box. Amazingly, pending time for each cashout is 5 days of less. It happens that only one survey can hit the cashout threshold. No joke! However, we have other short surveys that last less that 5 minutes but the pay is awesome than from other survey sites known to exist.How to cashoutWell, one can easily send the accumulated amount of money to a Verified PayPal account or give them away to charity. Who can register in I guess most of you might be wondering if this survey site accepts international users. Well, the answer is yes. Prolific does not discriminate against continental differences. They accept everyone, nonetheless, the surveys vary as per targeted location. So, don’t be amazed to see active surveys posted but when you log in they all disappear. How to work on site?First, you have to fill out the Prescreening information located under Dashboard tab.  Your eligibility to work on a certain survey is determined by the info in Prescreening. So make sure you have done something in this tab.Then go ahead and do a free sample task that will guide you on how to work on future surveys. Now what?Refreshing the window in which site is most recommended. Make sure you remain logged in the whole time you are online and be yourself when working on surveys. Do not fill out surveys just because you want to get paid. Provide relevant information as required by the surveys or else your answers can be rejected hence you will not get paid.

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Shocking as Odds Pile Up This Christmas Season

We all love ushering in a new year in style, with most of the people hoping to have a prosperous year ahead. It’s good to be hopeful but what if odds have added up in the aging year… and obviously, your hopes to have a favorable year are too minimal? Well, the unpredictable can happen but still, that is not the end because life. Life has to go on!Imagine this, How would you feel if the hammer of joblessness comes knocking on your door and you lose your job this festive season? This, of course, changes your mood this in this Christmas, but you definitely have to be strong for your family. It may be hard but remember a Biblical saying, “When one door closes a new one definitely opens.”Now consider this reality,Your marriage takes a wrong twist and you have to part ways with your partner or face endless fights. Everything you hoped for dimming up, that healthy family setting being a thing that you can’t erase from your mind. Yes! It is painful for anyone to experience failure in his or her marriage institution, especially when everyone else is celebrating the Birthday of Jesus Christ. Looking at the above scenarios, they are a representation of someone’s life. Now think about this because this is a true story. Merry Christmas! Pixabay Image..

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Leaders Who Were Never Born To Lead

Why do you want to lead? It is your passion to lead or you have something to hide? Do you love people or you just want to have an opportunity to oppress them? The world of nowadays has several kinds of leader, let’s see those who were never born to lead.Passionate For Leadership For Wrong ReasonsAs people go to polls, they are usually blinded by the looks, big promises and everything cool about the future leadership. However, if by chance the leader in question reaches there, everything changes and the real wolf is seen for the first time. Such leaders would do anything in their power to get shielded from the public. Dictators dine here.Smart Speakers but No DeedsSuch leaders are good in verbal stuff and they would walk away with anything because of how cool they handle things verbally, but they lack the will to do better in deeds. In fact, there main duty is to calm rough waters but they are never ready to deal with anything for the public interest. Find the escapist leaders here.Fraudsters in PowerNow this one is the worst. Think of a thief who is so clever to hide his deeds from the public and now he has ascended into power to blind the whole country. To him or her, it is business as usual… if it means drowning the economy for personal gains, they would do it without thinking twice. Most corrupt leaders fall in this group. The Puppets of Smart guys.Oops! You can’t believe it but there are leaders who are given powers by smart persons in high places. The virtual gods dictate what to do and the leader would use his power to influence a few individuals to make sure their will is done.Obviously, puppet leaders end up being the nuisance of the general public but nothing can be done until their term in office is over.As a leader, someone has to know why he or she was chosen to head the public office. This position needs an agile-minded individual who can dedicate himself to the works required by the office and perform duties are required by the law. A good leader should be accountable for his words and deeds without pointing a finger to a second party when the seat gets hot. pic: pixabay images.

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Easy Cash In Human Suffering

What is news? For some, they would argue that news is all about life-happenings whether positive or negative human encounters. But for the majority, they are only after human suffering as best news worth sharing.We live in a world that values nothing but money! This has made it impossible for the love of humanity to take its course, rather, people do anything for money and popularity.Why would you -as a human being- be so eager to see someone in suffering, in great agony for you to gain and be famous? I call this stupidity and greed! Whether you like it or not, negative anticipations that something bad would happen is the same as staging real life occurrence and this is so unacceptable in the society.Pic: From depicting refugees’ situation in Europe.

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How To Gain Confidence In Your Work or Career

You are good in writing or whatever you love best but you fear that your work is not good enough! You have been struggling with this negative mentality for years but it seems like a breakthrough is not gonna happen soon, what are you going to do?Think about this. Confidence is the most important thing in life. This feeling will open doors for anyone who wants to explore what lies beyond the virtual horizons and make dreams a reality. However, it needs some work to be done. What is expected of you…?Practice like never before:In life, nothing comes on a silver platter. This means you have to create chances where none exists. If it comes to perfection, you have to make sure you have delved deeply into whatever that makes you want to stand out and actually deliver.Here, those who go for short cuts ends up losing more time and feeling more heartbroken than never before. They say, ‘practice makes perfect’ and this is the simplest chance that you have.Try It Out In Public:Well, you have to let what you have learned to fly into the real world. You have to let people see what you can do. Give them an ear to when necessary as they would always have a say that might be beneficial to your learning process. Let critics say whatever they have to, but never forget you main mission: Gain knowledge and apply them later. And, never stop practicing.Go For a Wider Goal:The fact that you want to explore more in your career should be your driving spirit that motivates your abilities to do more. The wider you cast your net, the bigger the fish and the more the surprise. It is easy to tell if you are moving in the right direction. The size of your admirers is the determinant factor. FYI, an increasing human traffic to your products is a clear indication that you have a high approval rate in what you do.As I said, waiting for a chance to present itself is never an option in life. You have to make create a goal and do whatever it takes to accomplish them. Make changes where necessary and let the world know you by your great work.Have your say!pic:

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An Act of Humanity: Sharing The Little You Have.

Not everyone on earth is capable of giving all he has for the most less fortunate. However, this does not mean that we lack champions who would be willing to sacrifice little they have for others who need the most, be it a human or a pet animal. This picture above just confirmed a level of humanity that only a genuine heart could give. The image has a lesson for us. In most cases, those who have a lot tend to ignore the call for humanity. But those who have been down, needy and vulnerable understands better how it feels to have nothing. Nonetheless, if we learn to share little we have, the world will be a better place for us all– animals and humans alike.Pic: twitter image.

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Weird News: Bees Help Recover A Stolen Motorbike

The man in Kenya is celebrating his luck after the recovery of his motorbike. The motorbike that went missing from his home prompted a search in the entire village but with no chance. No one seemed to know where the machine was and the person responsible for stealing it.According to the villagers, the man consulted a witchcraft practitioner who sent bees to search and recover the stolen motorbike. Apparently, the thief was cornered by the swarm of bees and forced him to abandon the bike before running for cover. Those who witnessed the happening said that the bees kept everyone away from the bike until the owner got to the scene. They added that, the bees left the site just after the owner touched on the machine.So strange! The unknown man said, he believed that his motorbike will be recovered, but he never expected to find it intact. In Kenya, motorbikes are means of transport in remote areas. Motorcycle transport (boda boda) business is booming right now and this makes these machines a good target for thieves.

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