Uhuru in the Spotlight

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru KenyattaAs a side watcher, I have been following Jubilee alliance rankles very closely -even though in hushed tone. First, I wish to congratulate Mr. Kenyatta for helping Kenyans know who Mr. Mudavadi is, however, I have to note that something emerged that I will point out later.

I believe in myths, those simple matters that draws people’s attention and leave the public in dismay. That is my choice -my favorite base to explore the nook and crony of a scene.

I have to admit that I like Uhuru for his generous heart, for being ready to relinquish power in favor of Mr. Mudavadi. Though he denied, his right-wing, Hon. Ruto hinted of such agreement on a live T.v show.
If two people say almost or similar subject matter, then I have my conclusions. Mostly true! But a politician is always an escapist, its hard to pin one in a tight corner.

By now, I have a thing that is forcing me a agree with my mind that Mr Kenyatta is running his own race. Damn! I think that is a lie. If you care so much about political speeches and people behind them, then you have already discovered what his dream is. Uhuru is the son of his father -Mzee Jomo.  Jomo left a legacy that his son wants to build his leadership base on. That is the reason it is rare, if any, for him to complete his long speech without his favorite words ‘kama vile baba yangu…’ (just like my father..)

This is my stand on Uhuru’s political career.

He wants to be a good leader, to make a country grow economically just like the time of his father. He indents to leave a legacy -praises for being a good leader. He wants a happy Kenya just like the days of his father. Bring unity in every corner of the republic etc. In other words, he wants a common good for Kenya. Nevertheless, he is facing charges in an international criminal court. This is how M. Mudavadi came in!

The night meeting occurred, for sure it did! Just don’t ask me how I knew it.  Musalia was the only exit route for Uhuru, and I think he planned this very well without anyone’s consent -not even his close allies. The deal they signed was genuine -no ghosts was involved or whatever evil power he jumped to when he came under fire from the party delegates-, and that agreement made him exhale burdens of being hopeful flag-bearer for Jubilee alliance to someone expendable.

Why he did this!

This Kenyan guy is so calculating that he could see the future of Kenya with him as a president. First, do you remember what ‘ghosts’ told him? If not, let me remind you. He said that people in high places forced him to step down for Musalia because if he does become the president, the country will face international trade sanctions, he will face international travel ban, and the whole national will suffer in his hand. That is too much for him. His father’s legacy will be ruined and he do not want that to happen.

As a good man, he likes listening to the voice of the majority. The party delegates ruined his plans, and now he is going the hard way. Who knows what he will do in future to make sure he does not emerge the winner?

I rest. But a question is, what if he becomes the president after March general election? And in a blink of fate, he faces his worst fear, what would he do to save the country from draining into another Zimbabwe?


Public Trouble-maker? Better Think Twice

398379_319083228195916_648391993_nShe was ahead of me as we trekked from the city center to the bus terminus. I did not know she had a thing with me, either positive or negative attitude, I run into it blindly.

This is how it went down -a great show for onlookers and passers-by.

I was in a hurry but she was covering the whole hall-way, walking in a way that could attract attention from a distance. Making sure I walk just behind her.

In my attempt to rush past her, she moved in my direction and I accidentally stepped on her heels. That is when an open air, free for all show started.

As a gentle man, I apologized to her thinking she would understand. In a twist of fate, anger or whatever it was, she was like, ” You’ve hurt me, en now you say you’re sorry? This will not count a thing.” That was something I did not expect, for defensive reasons I asked her, “What do you wanna do, now that you don’t want my apology?”. She stood there facing me like a wounded python, shook her head, cocked it on the left then on right side then she moved even closer to me.

Oops! That was too much. A step back, in my mind I envisaged a coming slap or worse a public fight.

It was then that words popped from my mind,”What do you really want? If you’re a good lady, someone I thought you’re then we should not be wasting each other’s time here. Look at these people! We are creating a scene here!” She did not move, but she kept on looking at me in a daring stare. “F*ck you!” she said. Damn, I took that as an ‘insult’ and started walking away from trouble.

I thought it was over. My fate was dry without a clear escape route. She followed me hauling insults -unspeakable words, one after another. It can’t hurt much as long as no one can recognize me.

I endured much of her words until someone came for my rescue. ”Kenya Kwanza” , he read words on her T-shirt. Swahili words when translated means ‘Kenya first’. Then someone else read the -sledge hammer- words on her back, “I’m ready to do everything for a better Kenya.” This was too much for her, she realized her mistake and apologized to me. The damage was already done, forgive and forget was the only way to end midday madness.

It was sad that we traveled together to the same destination. I just learned that she is my neighbor.

IEBC: 14.3 Million Kenyans Registered To Vote

Green light for 14.3 Kenyan voters

The compiled report by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) indicates that 14.3 million people have registered as voters, but this figure could go slightly up when Kenyans living in East Africa Community (EAC) countries- Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi will be listed.

This figure is about 3 million shy of the projected number –the targeted registered voters- which was set to reach 18 million before the beginning of the exercise on November 19th and ended on Tuesday.

Some are blaming the IEBC for not adding more time to allow unregistered voters make up their mind. However, it is understandable that many people ignored the call for their personal reasons.

By using electronic system –Biometric Voter Registration process-, IEBC collected finger prints, ID card numbers, and pictures that will be used to identify the registered voter and help prevent fraud that the country witnessed in 2007. To host a free and fair election. The only chance to curb the repeat of post election violence that claimed over 1000 lives and left about 2 million people as internal refugees.

Come March 4th, Kenyans are going to elect a new president to succeed the retiring President Kibaki. Other government official – MPs, senators, provincial governors and local officials are also going to be voted in. This is the first general election under the country’s new constitution.

Dec 21st Doomsday: NASA Has A Final Say

According to the Mayan calendar, the world is coming to an end on 21st Dec, 2012, barely a day and a half left to the D-day.

This kind of prediction is not the first one. In May 2003, Nibiru -a supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, was said to be heading toward Earth. This catastrophe did not happen, forcing them to push forward to December 21, a day that Earth will experience winter solstice.

Why 21ST Dec?

The main reason they chose this day was that they wanted a connection or a link, something significant to the existing ancient calendar. A good point to link the end of the cycles in the ancient Mayan calendar at the winter solstice in 2012, hence the predicted doomsday!

So far, neither NASA nor any other scientific organization has predicted anything unusual occurrence that might endanger our planet. The reported ‘alignment of the universe’- that would cause a blackout- is an annual occurrence with negligible effect on Earth. Three days of total darkness is a hoax!

For More: http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012.html

IEBC To Register Kenyan Voters in EAC Region

Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, at the 8th E...
Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, at the 8th East African Community summit held in November 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now Kenyans living within the four East African states -Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi- have a reason to smile following the move by the Independent Electoral and  Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to have them register as voters.

The new constitution requires that Kenyan citizens living in diaspora should be given the chance to exercise their rightful duty as eligible voters, but it seems IEBC is not ready to go for a wider margin citing logistical challenges. The commission has declared that voter registration will take place only within the East African Community (EAC) region.

In this short time registration window, IEBC is targeting 50,000 people with Uganda taking the Lion’s share, this is according to data supplied by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

So far, official Government figures indicates that there are 32,939 eligible Kenyan voters living in Uganda, about 5,521 in Tanzania and around 5,000 in both Rwanda and Burundi.

The only requirement for one to get registered is having a valid Kenyan passport. It is believed that the number of Kenyans living in EAC region is much higher than the recorded figures. IEBC is urging Kenyans to register until 25th December 2012.

source: http://www.standardmedia.co.ke/

Hidden Plans After 2013 General Elections

Raila Odinga and his wife Ida Odinga during th...
Raila Odinga and his wife Ida Odinga during the ODM Rally at Uhuru park Nairobi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I understand better why the country went through a hard period after 2007 general elections. Most of us pointed an accusation finger on the Electoral Commission, but the main reason was never discovered, and people still believe rigged election triggered violence in the country.

If we remember well, opinion polls indicated that Prime Minister R. Odinga and President Kibaki were so close, and that any of them could have emerged the winner. But since Raila seemed to enjoy support country wide, some rubbished these findings terming them as malicious means to sabotage the reality. It did not take long before they faced the outcome in anger and disbelieve.

The reason why I believe President Kibaki’s re-election was genuine is the fact that it seems the crowd that Raila was enjoying had no votes –non registered voters. And I can predict the same going to happen in March 4th 2013.

Recently, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) reported that they have registered majority of voters in Central and Nairobi region. By statistics, these two regions favor the Jubilee Coalition led by U. Kenyatta, S. Ruto and M. Mudavadi.  Something to worry about is, are the CORD supports ready see someone other than Raila become the fourth President of Kenya?

The formulated plan

By now everyone having a mobile phone has received a message from IEBC urging people to go and register as voters. Voters’ registration campaign has been all over the country –through news channels, on-ground door to door campaigns, and even the politicians are preaching this to their supporters. However, it seems people are not taking heed of all these.

My reliable source has uncovered the controversy surrounding this go-slow of voter’s registration. A lot has been said about BVR-kits, but all these myths are just deceiving means to keep people in the dark. Youths in Nairobi, mostly in those areas that were severely affected by PEV  are grouping themselves in readiness for another onslaught on rival communities.

It has also emerged that these people have deliberately refused to honor their democratic rights; instead they are equipping themselves with crude weapons and warning their neighbors of what would happen if CORD does not emerge the winner this coming general elections.

During those dark-days in Kenya’s history, criminal minded individuals benefited much in looting and day light robberies. In my view, they are trying to cripple this election just to have another lawless crime spree. I hope the law enforcement team is aware of this.

Who is The master in Love Relationships?

There is a reason for everything, and there is always a link to common mistakes we make. The mistake we underestimate might turn out to be a hard nut to crack. Love is the only game with no master!704624_10152285253200533_869879249_o

Love, Crazy love is like a mistaken desire,

Whose time comes when you face the reality..,

It does exist in books, HIDDEN IN BLANK pages,

Or Hallucinations of a lonely heart, “ By Jayson W

These are my favorite lines when describing love -well known, experienced by many and adored by a few. What is so complicated about these inner feelings? Is it possible that someone could master the art of love and be able to help others in solving love issues? Mine is a good guess, just like yours. But I can’t give someone time to solve my love life.

I have tried to find a long lasting solution for my love problems, not good but trying anyway! Love counselors are there but trust me, most of them have no idea what love is, and they only look for limitations that could be the cause of relationship hurdle.

 Try this or that, something that you have already tried and never worked. Or worse, ‘share more time and work together’, I call this nice approach to a downfall in a relationship. It won’t work, in fact this time together can result into a fight, anger etc.” Anonymous man lamented.

A stressful relationship starts showing dark signs during the first stages. It is very unfortunate that during this crucial period, love blindness covers dark marks left behind by true human characters. By the time one starts realizing the devil side of an angel, time has moved on swiftly that only regrettable trace-marks are noticeable as the damage stays intact to hound one for life.

The better part is that dialogue still wins a faint heart.

Showing love where non exist, caring for the monster created by love back-lash,  talking about those good old day –pictures, videos, and love stories you shared together when love was blind, can turn up things into normal. Even though sometimes the second party maybe hard to change mind, it is worth a try and it costs nothing.

Love hurts, that a must know. Nonetheless, a mountain can be leveled, so do love relationships.  Unless one opts for better greener pasture somewhere else, there is always hope for a better day. The main reason most couples stays together even though through ups and downs –personal differences.