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Kenya,The Edge Of The Coin

Kenya,The Edge Of The Coin.

Forced Eviction!

Forced Eviction!

The long hand of Destruction
Thika road
Thika Highway

Syokimau has been targeted several times by destructive bulldozers and the victims’ cry has always been one, ‘WE WERE NOT TOLD TO EVACUATE…’ Similar occurrences happened along Thika Road and the same cry was repeated by those who were affected by the Government’s destructive machinery. So many properties, worthy billions have been reduced into dust because someone in the Government does not care about people on the ground. What they care about is to show the world how the country’s economy is booming.

I thought we have the law that governs everything in Kenya, but I was very wrong. In what I see, the boss has the last say and everything is done according to his words. No court order is needed as long as the word has come from above and worse to the people who are affected because they are not given an eviction notice prior to demolition date. That is Kenya you should know.

Forced eviction at its peak as the country embraces new developments in its infrastructure. Oh hail the state that is run by the heartless personalities…

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Her Answered Prayer

English: Maker Faire Africa in Nairobi-Nairobi...
English: Maker Faire Africa in Nairobi-Nairobi Hill,Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She raised her weakly hands towards the sky and said, “Thanks to the living God for directing this person to me, for today I would have something to eat in my house.”

It was a message that I received from a beggar while walking on the streets of Nairobi today.  You can think I gave her lots of money, no! It was just a Ksh20 coin.

Things are becoming tough. With the prices of food-stuffs and other essential items sky rocketing, I understood why she loudly praised the Lord who drove me to her.

Where is Kenya’s Economy heading to? Unhappy people are trying their level best to stay and wait for the country’s economy to start growing by double digits as promised by the president and his deputy, even though with little to hopes that this dream will ever come to pass.

With the wage bill too high and civil servants going on strike very often,demanding for a pay rise, the future of the nation is unknown- unpredictable. As time goes, the more the pain for the common mwananchi.


Before Rushing into another Relationship, Be Ready!

A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...
A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo modified by author using Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even hot water can extinguish fire? Of course I’m cognizance about this, however never lie to yourself that the same can work in relationships.

There are those who believe that the fastest way to forget someone you love is by getting into a new relationship.

First it depends on whether your previous love was real or infatuation. Secondly how much did the person dominate your mind and heart?. If you move on that quick, then just know you were wasting your precious time whereas your heart was still in searching mode. But if you can’t move on, then don’t rush.

The fire in your heart keeps burning even after love has hit the dead end. You can’t risk it, for sure you don’t want whatever that happened to repeat itself.

Keep your fragile heart in safety until ready to swing again in the world dominated by the heartless beings. Love is never soluble, even though it appears as one.