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Personal Discovery, One Trick That Hides in Self Shadows

‘I wish I could reverse the clock and make my life worth my time.’ Fine words of regrets hu! Well, he is not the first person who has had that moment of discovery—the journey of life, a new beginning or a new page that means everything in life. However, only a few people do realize that the day of self-discovery has come and the way forward after.

For some, it may take forever to discover what they are, who they are and what to expect in future. These unlucky fellows live in darkness, hitting from one corner to another in search of self-worth in life. Others end up giving up their dreams because they lack an inner drive in pursuing their goals. So sad!

For you to realize who you are in life, you must be ready to accept these three values:-

a) Being positive about who you are

.b) What is it that motivates you to stay alive

c) The legacy afterlife

Self-discovery is all about rethinking your strategy after everything that you have already attempted in life. Learn a lesson or two from your failures and building a firm foundation on channels that worked before.

We all know that positive results motivates someone and uplifts one’s  inner desires to do more. This should be your highway towards your goals. Yes! That desire to accomplish more in future.

A good goal or a target is something that adds value to your life and in the community as whole. Oops! In other terms, a goal is something that makes you happy as an achiever.

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Source: Personal Discovery, One Trick That Hides in Self Shadows


The Plight of A Teenage-Looking Old Man

A 40-year-old man was left with so many unanswered questions when a man in early twenties asked him about his life as a teenager and even advised him why he should not rush for relationships and marriage in the near future.

The father of one was left wondering why the unknown young man saw in him that drove those hurting and demeaning words from his mouth. Read more


Your Inner Positive Drive is Your Key To Success

Your Inner Positive Drive is Your Key To Success.

It’s obvious for people to think that being educated is the key to a successful future but from this lady’s bright future, you will tend to think otherwise. In her case, she didn’t get an opportunity to go through any formal education but this did not deter her from following her passion of being a leader and her strong inner drive of desiring to lead others to success.


Back-fired proposal

she said no!
she said no!

With her lovely fake smile, how was I to

know that she was hiding something from me?

She was nice like a colored flower, 🙂

She kept her coolness in that great shape

and sailed through my heart like the air in lungs.

Mm! The moment of truth came,

On my knee I said my wishes before the crowd

hoping that she would accept my ‘Will you marry me’ stuff.

She looked at me and laughed, then she said

“I never thought you’re such an a**hole. But Now I do.”

She left me there watching as she swung her butt off.

Yep! Never will I make such a mistake 🙂 again.

An Unhappy Kenyan

Being a citizen of a given nation is a privilege. It gives one a sense of belonging and protection from both internal and external aggression.

I am a Kenyan and I love my country. Though we have our own ups and downs in politics and misunderstandings in ethnic lines, we always come together as one when faced with a common threat.

One thing I worry is politics. Politics is the source of every evil in Kenya. The leaders, as we call them, have always played dirty tricks with people’s minds resulting in divisions and troubles amongst the tribes.

With our dwindling economy, majority of us are working extra harder to put some meals on the table. But that is not all,  the cost of living is sky-rocketing forcing some investor to relocate to favorable countries.

With politics being the daily subject by people we elected to lead our green nation, we only remain hopeful that the president will come out of the ‘rich cocoon’ and face the reality, see the faces of people who elected him in democratic process.

Kenyans Disapprove Government Games, Time to be Productive.

In real life, when the honeymoon is over, couples should start thinking of how they intend to unite the extended family, putting in mind that they (newly weds) too need to have something productive for themselves and those who depends on them.

Though in some families like ours, extended family members comes in with demands – in others times trying to remind the newly weds that fun time is over- even before reaching the climax.

Well, the above introduction is just a mere subject in reference to Kenya’s politics and leadership. Now that we have a new president in office, I think we have given them enough time to celebrate their win. Kenyans have been patiently waiting for them to implement what they promised in their memorandum, but is seems our new leaders are still in honeymoon hangover.

Who is fooling who?

Being in office for about 3 months ,plus some countable days, president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William S. Ruto have made several trips both inside and outside the continent


in what Kenyans only understand as ‘Business Trips’ but nothing significant has come by.

So far, a good physical dent has been made in tax-payers’ patched up pocket, but still no one in high table is bold enough to say the truth about it. Whatever how quiet they may be, Kenyans can see that these were those moments of celebrating their presidential win… as Kenyans could say, “honeymoon pap!” or another common one, “Kujienjoy nayo!”

Time to Act:

Finally, responsibilities for

the extended family have started mounting up. Having inherited

an empire, it doesn’t matter how rich or poor it may be. The first and very important priority is to try and fulfill the promises passed by your predecessors. In this case, the Jubilee govern
ment should try to negotiate through previous deals that former regimes made with civil servants instead of brushing them aside. In fact, trying to force striking workers back to work makes the situation even worse.

Striking civil servants should be guided not threatened. Teachers for instance do not belong on the streets; they belong to that special place designed for those who want to be the leaders of tomorrow. In my simple but accurate guess, even those threatening our teachers have been classroom guests once in their lifetime.

Does it seem so amusing to see children crying because they are not being taught? Oh, the secretary to the ministry of labor has already forgotten why some children committed suicide after failing to attain their targeted mark.

A promise is a debt -and always will be unless it is modified further. In my understanding, the government is acting as if it does not recognize former Kenyan leadership and the effort they made to restore normalcy in public sector.

Unwise spending:

The issue of spending Ksh53 billion on laptops for standard one pupils in public primary schools will always raise a question, why? Right now, we have teachers who have downed their tools, youth unemployment issue that is hindering national economic growth, agricultural sector that needs fully government participation to escape food insecurity and much more important initiatives that lies unexploited.

Another thing that is angering the public is building an office for the immediate former president which will cost taxpayers Ksh700 million hard cash. Whatever the case, this should come as the last priority, that amount of money could employ a good number of youths even in temporary basis. What about that?

Furthermore, why did the government use Ksh40 million to deport a suspected Nigerian drug dealer, Anthony Chinedu?  What a treat for the convict? Damn! I hate this. This money should have been used for irrigation somewhere in arid areas to boost the country’s food production.

So sad that I don’t know how much amount of money has been set aside for renovations of government offices. Oh yes! Even the new ones are on the list too. By the way, Jubilee government did not mention these during their campaign.


For a happy nation, mitoto yangu story should lead us into doing something productive for the communities living in regions prone to natural disasters. Though we are being urged to support the president, I think he has a duty to show good leadership skills before following suit, lest we drown in his nyayo.

Lastly, to all my people –Kenyans, I urge you to respect the president and shape his will for you and for me and for the entire generations.

I love Kenya I hate evil!

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