Why Many Politicians are Not Leaders

Who is a leader? You may think that everyone elected or nominated to take care of business on behalf of the people is the leader, but this is not true. A true leader takes chances to serve the people. He or she is willing to face the worst for the benefit of the majority and would not be moved by anything that might go contrary to his or her cause.A leader is defined by, not how much crowd he or she might be moving, but by how they control their minds of people. This make is easy to identify a politician who thinks they are leaders. Contrary to all qualities of a leader, a politician is an opportunist who takes advantage of the situation for personal gains. To them, the people who support them are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle for easy goals. A politician would rather let his people get in harm’s way but will never stand and defend the people against an aggressor. No wonder, no politician would stand for their words!This is great! A good reason why leaders never create followers but they create more leaders. As for politicians, they create followers then ditch them along the way to success. Now, this is why many politicians are not leaders. Pic: twitter quotes.

Source: Why Many Politicians are Not Leaders


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