How Some Kenyan Youths Are So ‘Cry Babies’

Kenya, a nation that elbows the Indian ocean on the East, shoulders Somalia and its illegal weapons, carries Ethiopia on her head, soothes Southern Sudan on her other shoulder while embracing Uganda. She also happens to borrow some ‘boots’ from Tanzania for her stability in the South. But she has a problem… her youths are so naughty!Why would her younger generation be so rude and unwilling to act when called to take action? It is because of hopelessness in these youths. Or maybe they feel it is their time to relax and wait for ready made from the aging generation.As the aging generation pulls the strings to its side, youths have nothing that can counter the effect. What these youths do the best is to create a hashtag on social media, make it go trending for some time then cool off. It also happens that Kenyan youths do like fighting amongst themselves so much that they will never realize the power they have when united.The division among Kenya’s Youthful Sons and DaughtersKenya’s naughty generation has nothing to call it own. It owns nothing but a big mouth on the social media. It is not that they have been denied access to her cake, but because they are so proud to compete for a small cake. As a result, Kenyan youths ends up having leftovers for the wiser ones and nothing for those who still believe that their time will come someday.The big rift is there between the wiser lot and the big mouthed foolish fellows. It is already clear that Kenya has some youths who jump into action, even though late, and grab on their mother’s cake… ending up happy! While the lot from afar wait for a change in high hopes. And when their expectations land in a negative ground, they arm themselves and go rampant attacking anyone they think did not make a good decision. Bad Mistake!The lot that likes waiting, likes blaming, likes pointing fingers, likes making wrong decisions, likes being cry babies, likes being called to take a bite, and like etc… however, they are not ready to prepare and wait for a chance to dive in for a piece of their mother’s cake.In most cases, the lot that runs wild either physically or socially… have nothing to show that they tried but something went very wrong. Of course, they like it bad, make it easy for something to go bad so that they could wage war against genuine systems.Pic: pixabay images.. cry babies

Source: How Some Kenyan Youths Are So ‘Cry Babies’


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