An Internet Hawker: The Hunt For The Missing Money

A nice day tickles happiness. That is one thing that each and every human is willing to achieve someday in life.

Now, does time matter when someone is busy scratching the surface, turning opportunities one after another in search for that unseen jolly in life? Let me tell you my story.

Well, I hunt for money all over the web and I take money-streaming-opportunities very seriously. Call me an ‘internet hawker.’

In my lifestyle, I stumble upon challenges like scam sites and humans who are there to use people’s skills for own benefit. I have seen good money earning sites emerge and after a while, they go down forever. But I’m not going to tell you all that.

My story is the hunt for money and how I take them home… and why this time, I am at the loose end.

Okay, I work online for hours. Last week, I was able to generate a good income from my web hawking activities. I sent the money to PayPal and later transferred the money to my local Bank Account.

And here is where my predicament unfolded.

The Bank that transacts business related to PayPal has a promise that the money, upon withdrawal, will be reflected on the Bank account within three days. Fine, all has been well until the new year’s first transaction that just evaporated into the tiny air.

Apparently, the Bank does not know where my hard earnings are.. only promising to follow up as days in time go by without hearing from them.

My biggest worry is, in a few days time I will be forced to use their services again. Should I continue trusting the agents who handle PayPal money on behalf of the Bank?

My dilemma,

I have to use PayPal, nonetheless, no other Bank is in line with PayPal in Kenya, meaning I have nowhere to run! Either to ditch them and continue with my hunger or to give them another shot and see what will happen.

So sad that my weekly internet hawking business is going down because of the missing money. I have to buy data bundles to refuel the hunt for money, I have to eat from my hawking activities or else I put aside virtual hawking to real life hawking because I do not have a job at the moment.

To cut the story short, someone else’s mistake is haunting me negatively.

It hurts to see my plans dwindling between survival and total collapse. The quiet Bank is giving me all excuses it may find as my missing money goes from hopeful to a mystery… or a riddle that neither I nor the Bank can find an answer for.

Maybe PayPal dispute center will solve this for me.

Happy Reading! Oops! I think I have a long way to go to achieve happiness in this life… Only Time will tell.

Source: An Internet Hawker: The Hunt For The Missing Money


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