Can ‘Crooks In Office’ Change For Better? Why You Should Not Expect Change..

When we define the word ‘crook’, we find that it means dishonest person. Now look at this person in this perspective. He has power because he used ‘backdoor’ means to get there and he has support because some people think he is the right person for the job. Here some of his behaviors and that what lies in the future. You and I can’t deny that we have leaders who were born to lead. They have support from all corners of the land. They do great stuff for people and the economy of the land bears witness for the job been done. However, we have those other guys who are there because they want to create negative history. They make sure almost everyone is feeling the pain of a bad decision. They do stuff that only promote the minority as the rest of the population is left out. These are crooks that I want to highlight!When a crook has power, it does not matter how many people will suffer under their leadership. What they care the most are the benefits from every mistake. These are leaders who fund corrupt projects. They know very well that only a few people would get the share from the loot but as long as they have created another channel of income, the rest is history.In public, such a leader would say stuff like, ‘we’re going to rule this land for 20 years before anyone else takes it from there. We are organized, unlike the other guys…’ This kind of blah blah blah goes on and on but they don’t have any idea how their leadership style is hurting their people and how the land is drying out so fast— economic backlash.In most cases, crooked leaders do not care about the numbers, as in the electorate in their pocket, they create systems that are easily manipulated. In this case, the electoral system is weakened in their hands. They force changes in laws related to the electoral system in readiness for general elections. They make sure that the opposition is pinned in the tight corner… before unleashing the hidden agenda. Crooks have a mentality to think that they own the land and the people found in the mix are the miscellaneous lot waiting to be plugged out or forced to accept and remain silent. The reality is, they only need a crowd for the mysterious mission, but they do not need the people as their ascend in or remain in power. In most cases, only a few people are naive enough to support them, but the system is so easily cheated to retain them. It so happens that most crooked leaders have a handful of support from the people, but what lie behind the scenes is the real power behind their leadership. This is to say, the crooks can be in power, yes! But they are not there as per their own wishes… they have puppeteers who hide behind the scenes to harvest what they did not saw. In other words, crooked leaders may be in power but they are puppets being controlled by the cartels that wanna hide ‘the rot’ from people’s eyes.Ever wondered why it is so hard to get rid of the crooks in power? Elections of the land mean absolutely nothing. Remember, the cartels have strings in every system. They puppeteer anything they want and how they wish the results could go. Meaning, the queues are for losers… because winners have strong strings to pull. This is why people go to cast the lot, but ends up being ashamed of themselves because that needed change never happened as they wished for. Can ‘crooks in office’ change for better? What a nice question! Some crooks would wish to be good guys. They might attempt to change their stars for better. However, people who put them in power just can’t allow it to happen. In fact, anyone who wishes to withdraw cartel land into ever burning fire or ends up dead. No wonder why a bad leader goes from bad to worse and never vice verse. What it meansWell, to sum up everything. A crooked leader is never free to decide what to do. Their advisors and bad enough to lead them astray… and they don’t have a choice but to follow. Oops! The saying, ‘A good leader surrounded by bad guys.’ can summarize this. This happens when good guys are driven by greed to sign up for a course that they don’t have power to handle.

Source: Can ‘Crooks In Office’ Change For Better? Why You Should Not Expect Change..


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