Hell No! That Is Not The Way You Usher In A New Year..

In my earlier say about the year 2017, I said we should expect it to be tough. That was what I felt, how I still feel about it and what I see when I stick my nose in future. An introvert as I am, I spent the better part of the day indoors. Most of my time wasted on some stuff on the internet and rarely did I speak to someone about me, him/her, or the surrounding. Yes! That is just me, the way I am and something I want to change in this coming fine days.Out there, nothing seemed like a new year. In my view about the first day of the year, one should avoid trouble at all cost. Be cool and likable, be welcoming and easy on stuff that might cause havoc, et Cetera. Surprisingly, there are humans who chose to taste the sweetness of 2017 by either beating up someone or being whopped. Well, the day was full of cries and shouting.How it startedThey say a good day is seen in the morning, but what would they say when a bad year is ushered in by fighting— only minutes—in the new year? Does this suggest something beyond our prediction? You have to ponder over it…In the morning of 1st January 2017, people were happy as usual. Jovial to the fact that they had managed to see one another in the year 2017. As usual, happiness and merry making do not end well without empty beer bottles and wines on the table. At the end, someone gets hurt… not always, but it happens just as it did today.My neighborhood is a tricky place where something so small might be magnified into a gigantic problem by just one individual. Youths do not like settling small matters by mouth, they like squabbles and real physical fights. Oops! Even on 1st January, someone may afford a drop of blood.Fire in the areaThe evening hours were mostly calm, only if we do not mention irrelevant domestic verbal wars, until fire razed down someone’s house.Oops! That was it in the new year 2017, in my residential place. pic: cat fight from pixabay.

Source: Hell No! That Is Not The Way You Usher In A New Year..


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