Predictions For New Year 2017 and My Resolutions

It ain’t funny! I made damned resolutions for 2016… obviously, I wanted to make changes in this little piece that I call life.The moment I stepped in 2016, I laid out plans, filled social loopholes I had in 2015. From afar, I looked at it and said ‘This is good.’Well, as time went by, the then pieces of the jig saw puzzle became so irrelevant. The schedule went from bad to unwanted. It ruined me… damned my cool lifestyle. I Lost my big smile and replaced it with a funny dude’s face. I had to make a decision— either to draw a new social path schedule or to ditch it and go on with life as it comes.Oops! One thing came in my mind… ‘you can do better without some limits… you always do.’ Oh yeah! My eyes were opened for the first time. I let it go!Now I am here. Standing on the edge of this rejected crumbs that mark the hours to the end of 2016. Yonder, I see the beast of the New Year 2017 looming in. Daringly, menacingly and cunningly approaching. I look at my defenses only to notice that I have only one choice— step out and fight! The dance that should end with the win— no lose, no run, no nothing.It is the terrifying New year 2017…To Kenyans and I in the mix, it is such a challenging year because of the general elections that gonna happen in August. I look outer the window to see Kenyans loving one another and wonder if they could behave the same after elections.As a peace lover, I look I see I listen I admonish those in the wrong and move on to another party. No time to waste on petty politics that only leads to hatred, ethnicity, and insecurity.Come back here… Resolutions for New Year 2017,First, I have to fire this thing called ‘quiet me’ or introvert as you may call it. Then move on to a ‘blogger me’ that needs to be revamped, then get to a ‘public speaker me’ that has been dormant for years— say forever.There is the need to go out and learn to be me. I need to create lots of enemies because of my big mouth. I needa start hearing whispers of fear from my criticizers. Listen to the wit of those who wanna walk with me and sit at a table with the knowledgeable minds for the better understanding of this world.One thing I learned in 2016 that will keep me going….You don’t have a cool friend until you make one… but how? Qualities of a good friend are derived from the hidden behaviors that only comes out when you are in need. And on this earth, we do find only a small percentage of such individuals. I guess I have to learn to walk alone… That way, I will be able to tell who is who in my ‘pack of friends.’I guess the tough year will be tough as it seems to be, but the tough will always prevail. That is me… as I wait for the beast to jump in. 2017 Here I Come!

Source: Predictions For New Year 2017 and My Resolutions


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