Prolific, An Interesting Site That Pays You For Working On Surveys

Do you work online and would like to get a new stream of easy cash? If your answer is ‘Yes!’ Then you are on the right track to discovering an easy way to earn some cash while you are busy doing other stuff on the internet.Here, what you need is a few minutes off from your tight schedule. The tasks are usually random and take only a few minutes to get completed. What is mostly needed is to refresh the window randomly.The easy money site is, a credible survey site that is run by Oxford Univesity, England. Check them on Twitter. And here is me talking about on TwitterWhy Prolific?The most amazing feature of Prolific survey site is their low payout threshold. They pay in UK Pounds (‎£), and one only need ‎£5 to hit the cashout box. Amazingly, pending time for each cashout is 5 days of less. It happens that only one survey can hit the cashout threshold. No joke! However, we have other short surveys that last less that 5 minutes but the pay is awesome than from other survey sites known to exist.How to cashoutWell, one can easily send the accumulated amount of money to a Verified PayPal account or give them away to charity. Who can register in I guess most of you might be wondering if this survey site accepts international users. Well, the answer is yes. Prolific does not discriminate against continental differences. They accept everyone, nonetheless, the surveys vary as per targeted location. So, don’t be amazed to see active surveys posted but when you log in they all disappear. How to work on site?First, you have to fill out the Prescreening information located under Dashboard tab.  Your eligibility to work on a certain survey is determined by the info in Prescreening. So make sure you have done something in this tab.Then go ahead and do a free sample task that will guide you on how to work on future surveys. Now what?Refreshing the window in which site is most recommended. Make sure you remain logged in the whole time you are online and be yourself when working on surveys. Do not fill out surveys just because you want to get paid. Provide relevant information as required by the surveys or else your answers can be rejected hence you will not get paid.

Source: Prolific, An Interesting Site That Pays You For Working On Surveys


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