Shocking as Odds Pile Up This Christmas Season

We all love ushering in a new year in style, with most of the people hoping to have a prosperous year ahead. It’s good to be hopeful but what if odds have added up in the aging year… and obviously, your hopes to have a favorable year are too minimal? Well, the unpredictable can happen but still, that is not the end because life. Life has to go on!Imagine this, How would you feel if the hammer of joblessness comes knocking on your door and you lose your job this festive season? This, of course, changes your mood this in this Christmas, but you definitely have to be strong for your family. It may be hard but remember a Biblical saying, “When one door closes a new one definitely opens.”Now consider this reality,Your marriage takes a wrong twist and you have to part ways with your partner or face endless fights. Everything you hoped for dimming up, that healthy family setting being a thing that you can’t erase from your mind. Yes! It is painful for anyone to experience failure in his or her marriage institution, especially when everyone else is celebrating the Birthday of Jesus Christ. Looking at the above scenarios, they are a representation of someone’s life. Now think about this because this is a true story. Merry Christmas! Pixabay Image..

Source: Shocking as Odds Pile Up This Christmas Season


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