Leaders Who Were Never Born To Lead

Why do you want to lead? It is your passion to lead or you have something to hide? Do you love people or you just want to have an opportunity to oppress them? The world of nowadays has several kinds of leader, let’s see those who were never born to lead.Passionate For Leadership For Wrong ReasonsAs people go to polls, they are usually blinded by the looks, big promises and everything cool about the future leadership. However, if by chance the leader in question reaches there, everything changes and the real wolf is seen for the first time. Such leaders would do anything in their power to get shielded from the public. Dictators dine here.Smart Speakers but No DeedsSuch leaders are good in verbal stuff and they would walk away with anything because of how cool they handle things verbally, but they lack the will to do better in deeds. In fact, there main duty is to calm rough waters but they are never ready to deal with anything for the public interest. Find the escapist leaders here.Fraudsters in PowerNow this one is the worst. Think of a thief who is so clever to hide his deeds from the public and now he has ascended into power to blind the whole country. To him or her, it is business as usual… if it means drowning the economy for personal gains, they would do it without thinking twice. Most corrupt leaders fall in this group. The Puppets of Smart guys.Oops! You can’t believe it but there are leaders who are given powers by smart persons in high places. The virtual gods dictate what to do and the leader would use his power to influence a few individuals to make sure their will is done.Obviously, puppet leaders end up being the nuisance of the general public but nothing can be done until their term in office is over.As a leader, someone has to know why he or she was chosen to head the public office. This position needs an agile-minded individual who can dedicate himself to the works required by the office and perform duties are required by the law. A good leader should be accountable for his words and deeds without pointing a finger to a second party when the seat gets hot. pic: pixabay images.

Source: Leaders Who Were Never Born To Lead


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