Weird News: Bees Help Recover A Stolen Motorbike

The man in Kenya is celebrating his luck after the recovery of his motorbike. The motorbike that went missing from his home prompted a search in the entire village but with no chance. No one seemed to know where the machine was and the person responsible for stealing it.According to the villagers, the man consulted a witchcraft practitioner who sent bees to search and recover the stolen motorbike. Apparently, the thief was cornered by the swarm of bees and forced him to abandon the bike before running for cover. Those who witnessed the happening said that the bees kept everyone away from the bike until the owner got to the scene. They added that, the bees left the site just after the owner touched on the machine.So strange! The unknown man said, he believed that his motorbike will be recovered, but he never expected to find it intact. In Kenya, motorbikes are means of transport in remote areas. Motorcycle transport (boda boda) business is booming right now and this makes these machines a good target for thieves.

Source: Weird News: Bees Help Recover A Stolen Motorbike


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