You Want To Bubble Like A Pro? Here Is The Key, Go For It!

Bubblews questionsThe biggest challenge to most Bubblers ( users) is how to be immune from delayed or unpaid redemption, but have you ever thought of the reasons behind non payments and delays? It is something to do with the number of staff against thousands of users? Or it has something to do with the revenue accumulated in a period of time. Let’s explore each into details, maybe we would find a reason why some members are crying and some are happy.

Being an outsider, I would like to inform you that whatever that is written in this article is based on ‘what if’ strategy trying to understand why there is this great gap between happy Bubblers and those who cry of raw-deals in how Bubblews conducts itself.

The first common one being the ‘suspected violation’ detected on someone’s bubble. Here, we are being governed by eight -which looks so simple but very complicated- rules that most of us end up being crucified by them before noticing our mistake. Avoid being caught by this factor in all cost.

With the growing number of the Bubblews community, it has become difficult for the small staff to keep up with the pace of the large crowd that is continuously joining the site. Delayed redemption could be the result of this factor. We only hope that the management is looking for a better way to seal off this loophole for well deserved Bubblers to receive their money in timely basis.

Then I read somewhere that Bubblews can not keep paying all its members because the money that the company receives from the advertisers varies day in day out. And that with Bubblews having its constant three channels of earnings for its members, it is impossible that the generated revenues be higher than the traffic being experienced by each post that goes online.

I don’t know how true this is but I doubt that the writer was genuine enough for his readers (audience).

I have an experience with this last one, the Errors on Bubblews website. Before you hit that button, make sure that the site is running perfectly well. I did make this mistake once and I don’t want anyone else to go through the same again.

Now you are free to Bubble like a pro. Go for it.



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