Forced Eviction!

Forced Eviction!

The long hand of Destruction
Thika road
Thika Highway

Syokimau has been targeted several times by destructive bulldozers and the victims’ cry has always been one, ‘WE WERE NOT TOLD TO EVACUATE…’ Similar occurrences happened along Thika Road and the same cry was repeated by those who were affected by the Government’s destructive machinery. So many properties, worthy billions have been reduced into dust because someone in the Government does not care about people on the ground. What they care about is to show the world how the country’s economy is booming.

I thought we have the law that governs everything in Kenya, but I was very wrong. In what I see, the boss has the last say and everything is done according to his words. No court order is needed as long as the word has come from above and worse to the people who are affected because they are not given an eviction notice prior to demolition date. That is Kenya you should know.

Forced eviction at its peak as the country embraces new developments in its infrastructure. Oh hail the state that is run by the heartless personalities…

Pictures: Jamiiforum and


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