A Mistake That You Should Avoid As An Upcoming Writer

Was I waiting for the whistle for an injury time for me to make the final move? Maybe yes… maybe not. I have to admit that I am not that good in passing through tiny spaces. That means, I hate being in the crowd while targeting something in common –desperately. However, time sometimes plays a very mean game, forcing me to get down on my knees begging for some more. Anyway, let’s get back on track.

I love writing and for sure, I have been doing well in this career. Yes! I want to be successful in this thing that I like doing when I am not that busy in my offline activities. Unfortunately, I have one big problem! I like putting my eggs in one basket. I hope you understand what I mean.

I read somewhere that wise people have one thing in common: they do not invest most of their time and money in one particular business that pays a lot, instead, they like taking chances and risks in their ventures just for curiosity reasons. I think I lack this as a character and it is one thing that has been the ‘pain’ in my writing career.

Now that things are not working right in my favorite writing site, the idea of moving on has struck my mind. This is sick!

I think a good writer should maximize on available writing recourses- think of freelance writing sites, revenue share sites, and article submission sites-, so that when complications arises in one channel, other remaining channels be there to sustain the inflow of writing work and money if that is the main target.

To answer the question that I asked earlier, writing lifestyle needs dependable channels of income. Not just one (as I used to do), but a number of them as a base for your future writing career.

If you want to stay ahead in the game… avoid the final rush.




One thought on “A Mistake That You Should Avoid As An Upcoming Writer

  1. Hello! To you that found my rant, I’m glad that it was by one of my Great Grand-Mother’s home. I met Her, she was born a slave of the 1870’s here. Her Parents were from near “Logos”.
    I have been writing on TWELVE sites, the last 16 months have been Prose oriented. The formula of forcing my mind to respond quickly is by choosing the news article that makes a set of words bind to the thought(s) that the author created. “SO far, so good”. I don’t know if this is “working” but, you stopped to see what the world “CHAOS PUZZLE” is showing on the box. And, then looked inside.

    If NEED, not GREED
    your eeny meeny DOUGH
    then seek to freelance
    but, give an HONEST “go”
    there’s “Huckstirs Blusters”
    of them I just don’t know
    so you have at

    Thank YOU for taking the time.

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