What Really Happened In Westgate Shopping Mall!

Westgate Shopping Mall
Westgate Shopping Mall (Photo credit: Eunheui)

I have spend some time thinking about Westgate Shopping Mall terrorism attack. I don’t know how it happened, but some clues leads to something even bigger than what we saw and heard in media.

The big question is, was it real terrorism or was it something else? A point to note here is how our men in uniform responded for that call. Even though the whole public believes in what they saw, some events during the four day siege went contrary to what was expected from our security forces.

Preventable Yet It Happened:

During that dark moments in our country, it emerged that the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) team knew exactly what was going to happen to the Mall, but they did nothing to safeguard the Shopping Complex against terrorism Attack. Why? This only leaves big guesses. Only the NSIS personnel can give us a good reason. And if they fail to, then we are have to think outside the box of the whole incident.

The Conspiracy Theory:

Questions after questions were asked, but unfortunately, no government official has come out to give answers to the general public. Most of us needed to know the truth so badly, yet Siri Kali (Big Secret) played its game well and up to now no one -except a few individuals – knows what was happening in the death Mall.

What Really Happened?

Lets say a few powerful hands wanted to extra a classified document in Westgate Shopping Mall, preferably a sensitive document that could have incriminated some powerful people in the government. The main target was the Barclay Bank where the document was hidden. But they could not just walk in and ask for it behind the owners knowledge. That is why they chose to cause terror in orders to have time to extract the documents or to destroy the thing if they had no other choice.

To be Continued…..


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