When Morals and Maturity Collide

I grew up in the village of mature adults, and had my first communal education through respect, understanding and discipline. I’m glad I went through such process to become the person –who I am.

It sometimes worries me, which world are our children growing in? What will they become after the age of maturity? How will they survive if they don’t have role models now and forever? What happened to our society that has let ignorance to dominate our lives?

With all these questions, I’m still clueless on how to play my part to save the society that is sinking so fast. Some adult people nowadays behave as if they are still teenagers. They value nothing! They have good age to lead as an example, but they choose not to. I just wonder why they do this.

Hopeless Society.

In those days, children belonged to the community –that was when stranger could punish you for wrong doing and your parents would just ignore your cries for help, or worse get a good beating in addition to the first caning –pinch, spank, slap…

The fun part of it was, there were minimal foul activities in our society. Fear and respect used to work hand in hand and created a serine environment fit for both the strong and the weak. Contrary to what we have now, where the strong –physical strength, abusing language and class rules the world.

If a five year old boy or girl uses an adult language and his or her mother or father smiles about it, then there is a problem. But it is happening very often, the society is now like a toothless bull-dog that barks so loudly but shies away when an opportunity arises for a bite.

Imagine a mother or father using abusing language in presence of his or her small boy or girl. Children do pick up verbal words quickly and they can use the same against anyone who crosses their path-way. What is really happening in our society, do we have to blame it on ignorance?

Maturity –physical and mental.

We live in a society whereby the age is the determinant factor in defining maturity. How wrong this is? They say, “Age is just a number.” I agree with this simple statement. But have a look at this sentence carefully; was this person mature in mind before saying such? In my view, whoever said this was just justifying his/her age morality to some extent…

Some think that having attained 18th age mark promotes them into maturity. However, it depends on one’s mental capability to decipher the true meaning of this age

Happy Children Playing Kids
Happy Children Playing Kids (Photo credit: epSos.de)

mark. One has to remember that physical maturity is not that important in life, and that one needs to balance between mental and physical maturity for better living in this complicated world.


Children needs mature mind to control them. They need someone who can have all answers for their questions, someone  who can lead them to their dreams, mature minds to outline levels children can’t cross, and someone who is their whenever they need an assistance. Not heroes, but role-models.


2 thoughts on “When Morals and Maturity Collide

  1. This is a very good article. I remember the days when kids were taken care of by the community. If I did something wrong, the neighbor disciplined me, usually with a slap on the butt, and then my mother was called, so when she got home I got a good talking to. Foul language is also something I never heard at home, I didn’t even say a swear word until I was 18! Now you can’t walk down the street without hearing language nobody should use in public. Children aren’t being taught respect at all any more. An 8-year-old cussed my son out recently, His mother thought he was cute. Keep going the way you are. Maybe someday someone will listen.

    1. It’s great that we share some experience in this subject matter. Where did the society started to go wrong? This is one question that I always ask myself but I have not yet found the answer.

      Thanks very much for your great words and personal experience that I hope someone else will learn from it.

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