Youth Activists Arrested In Kenya

Whether these are speculations or not, the word is being spread like wild fire in a dry season. Arresting Kenyan youths on unknown grounds is something a good government should think twice before acting.

In this week only, about seventeen activists were arrested and charged with illegal public gathering -what the hell is this? Whatever that means, this group has been holding their meetings regularly over the past years with no problems.

Why now? I have never known that a group with malicious aims can have meeting in public when the police force is watching! Unless the government comes clear about this new rule, I’m not happy at all.

The trend of arresting youths is continuing. A group that went to complain about land grabbing in a certain Nairobi suburb was lured into a police drag net and impounded for no reason. Eye witnesses said some members of the group were assaulted by the government police…

I have a reason to believe that the government is fearing something. With reports that majority of Kenyans are not happy with the new government, I think the people in power are doing everything to create fear amongst the citizens.

It is like Kenyan leadership is trying out some ‘dictatorship’ theories in fear that Kenyans would revolt against the government.

This is a wrong move, and whoever advised the president to implement such measures did not consider the negative side of it.

I don’t wanna start calling out for peace again… The wise has a say, but the time has a way.


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