What We Learn From a Senior Citizen in Kenya

A drunk Kenyan senior citizen passed by my place shouting,

Kenya I know is dead, Kenya we have is struggling, and Kenya of tomorrow is hopeless.” Of course the man is old enough to have had those plenty and needy days, his experience in this country is the very thing that pushed him to lament about how the country is being run.

My desire to know more about Kenya in previous years bore no fruits as people are now reserved to think more and talk less. 

Well, economic hurdles in every government sector have generalized people’s focus  development to free living. Meaning, majority of people are now living from hand to mouth with no hope for tomorrow. 

Why drink then if you don’t have money? In a hopeless society, drinking alcohol is the only activity that people engage in to free their minds from problems. Obviously, they wan’t to postpone what they don’t have answers for. 

Current Kenyan economy is threatening people’s will, so sad to see once industrious society reduce to nothing in tik of time. 


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