Kenya Inflation at Grass-root Level

My friend’s story.

“As the last day of the month draws near, my excitement diminish into a worrisome state of mind. The fact is my debts have already surpassed my salary; I have nothing that I can call mine because all the money will go into settling financial debts leaving me with nothing but to start all over again.

“I went to vote with high expectations for change. How unwise I was to think change could come just a few months after take over! I feel this change with tears for everything I have lost. Financial inequality has left me destitute, but with huge hope for tomorrow.

“I wonder if only Kenya is suffering from financial breakdown. Have we been financially sanctioned by the international community? Maybe, this is what the US envoy to Africa meant when he said, “Choice has consequences.”

“I believe it’s not only me who is feeling this financial heat wave. But till when we are going to suffer in the hands of leaders who are busy squandering our money through trips and renovations. I thought they were elected to make Kenya’s economy grow by double digits!

“Very funny, they want to impose Unga Bill on us yet they haven’t done anything to improve people’s lives. Does the government intend to drive people over the financial cliff?”

This is just one in a millions of Kenyans who are going through hard financial time. What would happen if the government actually implements VAT BILL on essential stuffs?


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