Kenya In Obama’s Point Of View

In our life, no one is perfect. We try so hard to maintain our clean side of our dirty nature even though with struggles and hardships.

I have to agree that Kenya is dirty, but there are other things that the East African country is doing for the benefit of the international community.

For example, Kenya has been in the forefront in fight against terrorism. This is one perfect reason why it allowed Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) armed incursion in Somalia that  led to peaceful coexistence in Somalia Southern city Kismayu and other regions.

Kenya has also been actively committed is hosting two of the world’s biggest refugee camps for Somalia, Sudan, and Ethiopia refugees. And it was here that Southern Sudan got it pre-independence from Sudan.

Kenya Under US Microscope:

The unfortunate decision by US President Barrack Obama to skip Kenya in his visit to Africa signifies something negatively huge between Kenya and the US.

In African point of view, disowning your father -because he is dirty- is a serious sin and always carries a curse. A good example being a former MP’s son who disowned his look-a-like father in public, later rejected by the voters in last general election.

It is very open that Obama skipped Kenya because he didn’t want to get associated with a ‘dirty’  East African country. The recently leaked NSA intelligence documents indicated that Kenya was among the intensively watched countries, the likes of Somalia and Syria. The question is why?

Every nation has its own weaknesses. Democratically, Kenya is very far from the targeted virtual point. And yes! The country is trying to reach there, continue being the peace hub of Africa. Kenya deserves respect for that!

High expectations turned sour:

How Kenyans appreciated a message that the US president relayed to the people just before March election! It was one of the best positive messages that the majority took in without questions… A nice one from the big brother.

What changed then? Everything changed when President Uhuru Kenyatta was elected in office in previous highly contested general election. Of course, Mr. Odinga was the favorite for the West, and this did not go well with the high office in the US -Unforgivable to the people of Kenya.

How US rate Kenya:

We have a saying that goes “Don’t hate the kid for what it says, see beyond its words.” So when an American Magazine rated Kenya as one of the most UNSTABLE countries, we should look beyond that, and who do we see saying these words?

If Barrack Obama loves Kenya dearly as they say he does, then why hate the innocent majority?  Oops! A tale of disowning the dirty father.


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