Big Wins and Loses Of Jubilee Government

Even those who hate the government can see some changes that are happening; touching on sensitive issues all over Kenya. Some people can not feel it, or just refuse to accept the fact that the nation is running somehow smoother than the previous Grand Coalition Government led by the retired president Mwai Kibaki and former Prime Minister Raila A. Odinga.

I was among those who wanted Hon. Raila to take it from there. As we all know, fate did not account for our efforts, instead it favored the current president Uhuru Kenyatta. The fact remains, whether you like him or not, the constitution of Kenya requires us to recognize the sitting president and be ready to assist him in running the state.

Now, let us forget about politics, tribalism and negativity towards our president and be realistic on some issues that he has already accomplished.

Shaping Crooked National Security:

Even though there have been some cases of organized crimes in some parts of the country: Bungoma villages’ raids, Tana River tribal cleansing, Turkana cattle rattling etc. We should focus on the police response and investigations that were carried out to quell the situations. To me, it was impressive and I applaud the president for taking security issues more seriously.

I remember on his inauguration day, that same evening, police descended on criminals in my residential place arresting almost all known criminals in the area. I don’t know how you see about this, but I believe Mr. Kenyatta is better than any presidents we have had so far.

Talking Tough and Doing Stuff:

Personally, I like how the government is being run. I appreciate that for the first time in Kenya, we have a leader who is directly showing and caring for the masses (common mwananchi). In several occasions in his speeches, he has been categorical in standing for the needs of his people. Remember how he stood against Members of the Parliament in their push for salary increment?

Cleaning Up Mess:

Recently, he steamed up the campaign to eradicate ‘fishy businesses’ in the country. Even in the crass-root level, those who engage in buying and selling illegal substances are not being spared. This is the first time we are seeing quick investigation and deportation of suspected drug traffickers from Kenya. Good move to salvage the country from shame of being ‘safe heaven for drug traffickers’- according to International Community.

Wherever the president’s big gun has been directed, the results have emerged positive for the good of his country and the people under his leadership. However, his negative sides could not be hidden forever. Let’s look at some of them!

Poking on Raila:

As a leader and a statesman, it is so unwise to deny your opponents some rights and privileges. I wonder why he did this. To the president who is supposed to unite all other tribes who did not vote him in, that is fail!

Laptops issue:

Even though this was his greatest pledge in his presidential campaign, I think he should have considered something else that could uplift people’s lives instead of going to an expensive project in expense of tax-payer’s pocket. 


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