Any Chance For Softhearted President in Kenya?

English: Orthographic projection map of Kenya ...
English: Orthographic projection map of Kenya highlighted in green. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I long for presidency! This was a statement I made to my lady. She looked at me and said, “Could you deliver if given the chance?” Rather stupid question, but come to think about it. The worst blow came just after that, “You are not aggressive enough for politics in Kenya”.

Later learned that to be the president in Kenya, you need to be ‘dare-devil’ kind of person, with no or less sense of humanity to your competitors. Also have people who are reliable in eliminating threats –even if when it means killing the threat for you to gain entry into power. It happens, but I don’t have a heart to do this, I respect life and challenges… Always ready to concede to defeat!

Well, the lesson I learnt from this simple conversation elevated my spirit towards real politics in Kenya. I believe that power should be sought in a clean way rather than leaving a trail of dirt, hard to cover-up. In this case, this system should change.

Then I have this fear, what if I become a target for those who follow the dirty system? There is no worst death than dying a loser (I mean dying before accomplishing a goal). Though people –supporters- may think you tried and see a hero in you, in reality, your target did move and you missed. That is not a good legacy to leave behind.

By the way, how do ‘soft-hustlers’ emerge top in Kenyan’s politics? Any ideas how?  How I wish there was one person alive fit to take this position! Unfortunately, the crooked system eliminated the minority who tried the clean route to power.

I haven’t given up yet. My ambition is still growing, with each day taking me close the d-day. I believe change will start with a soft hustler up there, and if there wouldn’t be one in the near future, then I have to try.

Keep this spirit people; we need a soft-hustler as the president.


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