Shame On You! No More Powers to Increase Your Salaries

The war is on…., impunity has to stop and it must begin with our leaders. We elected them for a reason- as our representatives in government high table. If they left handsome jobs to vie for elected posts, then we assume they were tired of their jobs and that their hearts to serve the majority pushed them to.

There anger and threats directed to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) should be a wake up call for the voters who queued for long hours to cast their votes. Do the people still have powers to recall a non-performing member of the national assembly? Absolutely! 

The president said, Kenya should reduce the wage bill in public services. If our members of the national assembly thinks thinks they are ‘super civil servants’, and ready to manipulate loopholes in our constitution, then the people should use their powers to defend the national constitution.

Interests of the minority should not hold Kenya under ransom whatsoever. The door is still open and the country needs to move on. It takes only a second to say the term “I resign” and only a minute to write a resignation letter, why can’t our Honorable members who are no satisfied with current salaries just do what is necessary? 

As they lament about -too little- monthly pay, some people are wishing to have that opportunity for even a half that much. We really need to know the individuals pushing for salary increase. Shame on them! 


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