Differences Apart For Kenya’s Prosperity

Most of us are determined to succeed no matter what situations we are going through. This is a good spirit for new Kenya, new administration and a jubilee year for our country.

Happiest moments in Kenya’s history- the Independence Day and the second liberation that marked the end of Nyanyoism- tells us more of our closeness: working together for a common goal or just hanging around and chanting the way forward for our sovereign country.

Unity has transformed us into mutual intercommunity coexistence that has so far played a mighty role in national building. No community can prosper on it’s on, we are Kenyans for a reason, and that is what makes us mighty in international world.

If our leaders who divided us politically have started working together, who are we to stay rooted at tribal line? Politics is here to stay, but we as voters are privileged with one thing, we are always winners no matter the outcome of an election. Though, one group emerges sad and another party in celebrations.

Hustlers have a saying: Leadership is there to create an opportunity, but a hustler must keep trying to have that opportunity. We live in a diverse society that is enriched with opportunities. We cannot expect the sitting administration to provide assistance to everyone, but it helps one to see an opportunity that could elevate one’s life.

Boycotting services from people from a certain community will derail our course of national building. Those calling for this action are not thinking straight. Could this be implemented in our current economy, we are bound to see negative impact that would be too late to rectify in time.

We should not shy away from thinking of our country’s future. Life is all about leaving a legacy! What have you invented, created, or built that reflects your positive attitude to the society you’re living in? Do you spread an olive-branch for everyone or just for some selected few? People’s unity is what brings change or else elite minority will always take charge of our country.



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