What Constitutes Day to Day Life?

Life is not that easy- fairy-tale kind- or that hard that you wish you were not born on earth. Life has challenges, and ever day comes with its own peculiarity. Whether you are rich or poor, as long as you are alive, no human is exempted from challenges.

For better part of my life -you too maybe- I have had those days that seemed too long to pass-by and sometimes wishing that they never occurred. Mostly, a day could be good from morning then all of a sudden everything changes to a mess one. Why do this happen?

Beware of small mistakes that may turn nasty if left untamed. I’m vulnerable to these kind of life. Working with other people in most times puts you in a line of mistakes and unwanted errors that may ruins you day. More over, working in a service industry makes it even worse.

Sometimes you may be having a better to an awesome day, things going according to plan. Out of nowhere, a client walks in to ruin your day. This happens! I hate to say that humans should learn to keep problems by themselves other than unleashing part of it to an innocent being.

In life, I have learned to accept what I can do and not do. I believe that as a human, I can not expect happiness in every corner of  my life or sadness in every breath I take.

By being alive means a lot, be it to an individual or to the people you associate with. Though socializing has both negative and positive effects to your happiness. But the most important thing is to learn how to behave basing on the moods of your close friends.

Happy Living!

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