What is happening to Kenya’s Economy?

Usually, the first person to feel the pinch of a weakening economy is someone who lives below a dollar a day and sometimes the middle-class society. Sad part of truth is, the rich are always the cause but they are immune to feel economic bites.

On ground, people are struggling to keep the wheel of life revolving, living by prayers and faith that even tomorrow could come to pass. Completely innocent without a clue why the cost of living has become so difficult to manage.

Politics! This is the cause of people’s problems. The economic future is limited since political tentacles touch every sensitive part that holds our country’s stability.

Kenya’s economy is controlled by an elite group –super rich individuals- who are able to twist and tune and lead politics into their preferable status. Making sure that power remains within their hands, and the country is steered to where they benefit the most.

Equality in sharing national resources is out of question. They own Kenya! The remainder is left for middle class and crumbs for majority –poor people.

Before official campaign period for March 4th general elections, Kenya’s economic was not that bad as majority of people were happy with little they had. Their expectation was that after peaceful election and power transition, they would pick from where they left and move on with national building. Unfortunately, things did not go as to their expectations.

As power struggle continues within the elite group, the repercussions are being felt by the middle class and lower groups. The weight of these political matters is becoming very heavy each month and might blow up into social crimes if not dealt with in time.

People crying for democracy, truth and justice should start thinking about how this is affecting the country’s economic stability. It is true that no one would love to inherit a desert unless it has an economic value; however, it also depends on how much one is willing to sacrifice for the sake of it on the expense of the people.-

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