Mothers Woes, A Call For Real Kenyans

africaHer bitter tears go unnoticed because they are not there,

She has so many sons and daughters,

Yet she doesn’t get fed, cleaned and sheltered,

Only memories of her joyous family remains,

Soon fading.., with bitter lovely dreams

She knows she can’t make come true!


She hopped for the current generations to be sober in mind,

She still waits for her son/daughter to change the system,

But rivalry between her children can not allow it,

She was once brought on her knees,

Begged for her life to be spared,

She was luck to survive the anger among her children.


Once she recalls her sons and daughters, who had tried to unite her family,

T. Mboya, J.J. Kariuki, Bishop Muge among others died trying,

Others fled for their dear lives leaving her without hope,

Although she still have a few who believes in her desires,

They make no impact to already mighty rift,

The roots are already rotten or infected with greed.


With democracy, the power is being utilized against her vulnerable children,

With ethnicity, she lost control of her beautiful children,

With corruption, the elite families have denied others their rights,

With Origin, her children can no longer use her name,

How she wishes to keep her name alive!


Instead, her first born sons and daughter have taken over,

Dividing her into 42 ethnic pieces,

Each with an ambitious plan for her.

A tag-of-war! With tears in her eyes, she can’t see her future,

“Why can’t they just be like a family?” she asks herself.

In her mind, an envisage ascends down into her vision,

A bright day, each of her children calling themselves in her name,

Joy in her land,

Equality in her division,

Her real child on throne!

I luv Kenya.. I hate Evil!

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