Previously on December #2007 Election.

Nairobi traffic commandant issues travel order  to ODM and PNU supporters who were to attend rallies that was held on a the same day in Uhuru Park and in Nyayo National Stadium. He directed that the two rival groups should use different route to and from the venues to avoid confrontations or even fighting.

A day later, media house reported of violence eruptions within the city’s most congested areas, something which the police spokesman termed as ‘minor’ and already contained.

The following events took place between Dec. 26th and Dec. 31st #2007 Election.

Christmas merry making was not held as usual. For the first time, people were so worried and were even ready to run in any click of a sound. Milk prices soured high in a blink of a minute, bread doubled its prices, followed by sugar then other essential needs.

On election day, people seemed so jubilant! Rival communities, especially Luos and Kikuyus were by then so somehow united and were dancing on the same tune -that was in my residential area.

ODM supporter had parched a camp at the polling station and were ready to deal with any poll rigging attempts. However, the way they armed themselves kept worrying the voters. But still, the police force allowed such action to go unpunished!

When voting exercise was officially terminated by the Electoral Commission of Kenya. Vote tallying started immediately and news started streaming in through local media houses.

By the following day, two main contenders Raila Odinga and President Kibaki had widened the gap between themselves and other presidential aspirants.

For those who were following Citizen-tv, Kibaki was leading Raila by a huge margin while for those who were watching news from other Tv stations, Raila was the man to beat. This was also echoed by ECK at Kenyatta International Conference Center(KICC).

After a while, the main screen showing election results at KICC stopped generating new releases. This sparked a new wave of fear. People become worried of possible rigging in the main tallying center. Hon. Ruto and other ODM veterans inquired of what was happening, jokingly, Mr. Kivuiti told them not to worry and let the professionals do their job.

Raila and his team (The Pentagon) retired back to Orange house to wait for the outcome.

Tension was high, people’s moves were limited with a few businesses open. Food became scarce as Nairobi’s main food markets stayed closed for the fifth day. 

Back to tallying results, Raila had left a very wide margin for Kibaki to catch, with about 1.3 million votes to seal the gap -according to Kenya Television Network (KTN). But in KICC, Raila was leading Kibaki by about 1 million. On citizen-tv, results showed that Raila was leading Kibaki with 1.1 million votes.

Suddenly, new figures started streaming in KICC, with Kibaki closing in the gap quickly. This did not take long before the main results screen went blank again. Obviously, this was not a good sign for a free and fair election.

Hours passed, media houses went on reporting their findings from different regions all over the country.

Credibility of this results were not questioned, as it was believed that reporters were stationed in every tallying centers Kenya-wide. In some, video and voice recordings were perfect proof.

Back in KICC, results had resumed streaming but showed different figures as to what was broadcasted by Media house as announced in tallying centers. Out of curiosity, Ababu Namwamba asked of credibility of the latest results. ECK chairman Kivuitu came on the podium with a few official result-forms to show the public and also complained of some returning officer who had gone missing with some results.

A leaked result-form indicated malicious attempts to generate votes for one presidential candidate.

Obviously, something was not well with the polls and ODM supporters had started going on rampage demanding a repeat of presidential polls.

Ruto for incidence asked Kivuitu to tell people how the two -Kibaki and Raila- stands according to ECK tallying records, people were got off-guard that only 0.3 million votes separated them with Raila on the lead. Pius Muiru there and then called for a prayer for the Nation.

After that, extra ordinary results was delivered by Kibaki stronghold -Nithi-, 1 million votes for the president, the hell broke loose! The unknown human in Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC) pulled the plug, the whole country went in total darkness.

Sometime later, Kivuitu was whisked out from KICC to the State-house to announce President Kibaki as the winner at around 7:30 pm. Only the state controlled media house was present for live coverage.

By Morning the following day, violence had erupted in major town in the country, prompting the police force to take action. However, the force was overwhelmed by the fighting groups because of lack of preparedness.

The new year 2008 was not ushered in style as usual: No dancing and shouts, no staying out at night to welcome a new year, no fireworks etc. The night was marked with cries, gunshots, running battles, thuggery of every sort, hooliganism, and every sort of evil.

The following took place between 1st Jan. and 10 Jan. 2008

Shortage of essential commodities had prompted an acute increase in prices. For example, a packet of milk (500ml) shot up from Sh18 to Sh45, 500gms bread from Sh24 to Sh60, Safaricom airtime was the most priced, from its value to five times up.

I don’t wanna remember more! WE DON’T WANNA REPEAT THESE, KEEP SAFE!


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