CORD Should Give Peace a Chance.

What distinguishes an ordinary term and hate-speech? We have ethnic stereo-type terms that nowadays have evolved into incitement speeches that National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has not yet rated them as  such. To me, it seems NCIC is hacking an old server not knowing that all data was upgraded into a new and more sophisticated one.

Recently, the Coalition for Reform and Democracy (CORD) presidential candidate and a Prime minister of the government of Kenya, Hon. Raila Odinga‘s claims of possible poll rig this coming March 4th, 2013 left the country polarized like never before. His allegations did a damage in the trust that Kenyans have for our electoral commission, IEBC, however, NCIC remained quiet about these.

Let’s have sometime to remember what Mr. Odinga said before 2007 general election. He used exact words, but that time the Party of National Unity (PNU) was a culprit. Does this mean he is planning something bigger this year? Time will tell, but I fear the outcome of this coming election.

This is one clear indication that if he is trounced by any of the presidential aspirants during the D-day, he sure will not accept the results. And now that Raila has prepared his missiles, he would not hesitate to light a match!

Raila Odinga likes playing with people’s minds -seeking public sympathy- when the going gets tough. He did this in 2007 and the country was brought onto its knees. We should not allow the same to happen this year.

Another thing to mention!  You have read or watched a video of  Mutahi Ngunyi’s Theory of Tyranny of Numbers, right? What do you think? It is not the matter of the crowd in public rallies all over the country, registered voters will carry the day. Agree or disagree, CORD needs a miracle to emerge the winner!

The only chance to make this miracle happen is by convincing people, voters, against electing an ICC suspect as the president of Kenya. Nonetheless, the time is ticking out for CORD to turn things round.

My point: if CORD had acquired enough evidence of government support for Jubilee presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta, and alleged force linked to poll rigging of March 4th election, they (party leaders) should have reported this scheme to relevant authorities -IEBC for instance- instead of going for public option. There was a reason for this, we (voters and CORD supports) still don’t know why!

I Love Peace! I hate Evil!


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