Peace In Kenya’s Political Campagns

p.kOver the past few weeks, we have been experiencing smooth flow of campaigns in the country. None of the presidential aspirants has reported of hostility in rival regions. I call this, the best approach for unity and peace in fragile-state our country is by now.

I take this precious opportunity to appreciate Kenyans for being such peace-loving people, and I hope if this continues for the remaining weeks, the country will sure have peaceful transition in governance and acceptance of the outcome after March 4 general election.

“Kenya is bigger than each and everyone of us..” These were words of a presidential aspirant, running on Eagle Coalition ticket, Peter Kenneth during Kenya’s first presidential debate. Every Kenyan has a right to expression, however, Kenya as a country comes first! If one does not agree with someone else, then it is better that such disagreements be solved in other means possible other than hurting each other.

By now, presidential candidates have a right to meet Kenyans all over the country. Tribal issues have been there and will always be a stumbling stone in political stands -especial presidential affiliations. I would like to urge people to listen more and make wise decisions instead of being so inclined to ethnicity and make a choice that would cripple the country’s economy and international relations.

Another issue that is dividing Kenyans is the ICC cases that Jubilee Alliance presidential candidate, Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate, William Ruto are facing. Yesterday, the Kenyan High Court ruled out that it has no jurisdiction to block the two from running for presidency yet they are facing cases of crimes against humanity at the Hague. The lobby groups that filed the case are planning for an appeal in Supreme Court, which I predict would be the same as High Court ruling.

According to Uhuru, the ICC case is just a personal problem that he is facing, and he is ready to fully cooperate with ICC until his name is cleared. We should respect his bid! In my view, he has all it takes to be the president of Kenya, just like any other candidate. As you already know, ICC has no strong case to pin him down, and my mind tells me that he is going to be free soon -another sacrifice for the sake of peace in Kenya. ICC is not stupid!

I love Kenya, I love Peace….

I Hate Evil!

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